Thursday, December 27, 2007

Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow....

I think this says it all...

I can't believe I told her she needs to play those every day. I'm either the most forgiving and loving mother in the world, or the craziest. Maybe a bit of both.

I did not get the Red Ryder BB gun (dang it all, I really liked Diana's suggestion). But I did get something better.

No, you may not see them, because I'm never taking them out of my ears, ever again. By the way, "LJ" stand for Levy Jewelers, one of the oldest jewelry stores in Savannah. Don't worry, you'll get the story. My husband is a very clever and surprising man.


bellevelma said...

Drums?! OMG! I can't stand the beeping from Snags' new metal detector. Drums would send me to the insane asylum. Or wait... maybe I'm already there ;)

auntie barbie said...

I love it! Ron thinks the drums are great.
You may have not have recieved your BB gun, but I did. I got a high powered air rifle to get those damn groundhogs. Can't wait to hear the earring story.

JRH said...

What a sweet mom!! And hey, the girl's got rhythym potential!

So you'll just have to post a pic of your ear, huh?

Santa brought Mrs. Me earrings, too. Great minds run deep? Ah, something like that.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

TFYO has got some serious rhythm, don't you think? I'm impressed, anyway. And in my opinion the best mothers always have just a tinge of insanity in them. Sometimes even more.

I would like the earring story please. Please? Pictures and all.


Dumdad said...

Move over Ginger Baker!

I've always harboured a desire to be a drummer but have never wielded the sticks.

TFYO has the chops...

Jo Beaufoix said...

Hee hee. Jen, you are mad, but Mr B, a fellow drummer, seemed to be mightily impressed with what he heard.
He asked.
"No, TFYO."
I replied.

That girl has rhythm. Tee hee.

And well done Ray. Sounds like he hit the mark with his gift.

RC is right. We need the story now Jen. :D

Jillian said...

As the BFF of our wonderful blogger... :) I got to hear the story on the 25th. You're going to love it.

Happy Holidays!

laurie said...

ooooh diamond earrings?? pearl earrings?

Mya said...

You've had over a week of drums now, Jen. Still happy about your gift choice?!

Happy new Year!

Mya x

Jen said...

Mya Well, in addition to the drums, she also picked up an accordian and a half-sized guitar from other family members. At the moment, I feel like I should have gotten her a kazoo.

Laurie See the following post *grin*

Jill Thanks for not spilling the story!

Jo Well, as Mr. B is a drummer (and a good one!) I'll definitely take it as a compliment. *tee-hee*

dumdad As long as she doesn't end up looking like Ginger, I'll be happy.

jrh Ah, it's nice that Santa treats Mrs. Me well, too. But then, I've always thought Santa was a heck of a guy.

auntie barbie An air rifle. Just promise me you won't kill the little buggers in front of me when we come to visit. It's all I ask.

bellevelma Well, the drums aren't so bad. I've lived with the piano playing for almost three years now. And they are in her room, and the door does shut. As for the asylum, some days I'm the guard and some days...

Diana said...

Personally, I think telling her she MUST PLAY EVERY DAY is a brilliant idea. Nothing makes a kid not want to do something than being told they must do so.

I'll have to remember that one, should someone give either of mine a drum set.

I'll also have to go after them with the RR BB gun.