Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A letter to my blog...

My Dearest Blog,

So sorry I've been out of touch. I know you feel neglected. Every time I sit in front of the computer to check my mail, pay bills or catch up on the news I think of you. I think of things I should be writing on you. But then...the baby cries, work calls, the in-laws show up, or it's dinner time, and I get called away; thinking of you, but never really connecting.

Alas, poor blog, so lonely in your corner of cyberspace. I can imagine you, sitting by yourself, whimpering in the dark, wondering why I don't come by more often. I bet you miss all of our little bloggy friends. Although, they've all gotten great makeovers, and you're still the plain little mousy thing you started off as last summer. I'm sure they don't hold it against you. I'm sure they still love you, they're just wondering why you don't say more.

Perhaps a little counseling is in order, to help us deal with this burgeoning case of blog agoraphobia. A little make-up might help us boost your confidence, and then maybe we can work on what you want to say when you meet other blogs.

I promise to work on my html skills a bit, and track down a copy of Photoshop so I can make you a pretty header. Perhaps we'll get lucky and a kind friend will help us make a template.

In the meantime, here are some roses to make up for my absence. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder...dearest, lonely little blog, I can only hope that's true.

Love always,


my two cents said...

The roses are just lovely! Hope all is well and I'll still be checking in regularly. It is much nicer to be greeted by a boquet of roses than the the rodent!

WT said...

There's a million free templates out there just waiting for you. But it's really more about the content.

Jen said...

my two cents I like roses better than rodents, too. Did you get much shaken up by the recent earthquake?

WT Well, then I'm just screwed then, aren't I?

Dumdad said...

Hi! Hope all's well.

I've still got my original bog-standard template that I started out with. It's simple (like me) and does the job. I agree with WT about content being the thing. There are many blogs with wonderful bells and whistles but are deadly dull - yours is not.

www.ayewonder.com said...

Very funny post. Lets see some more!! Hope you're well.

Kaycie said...

My poor blog has been neglected lately, too, and I don't have a new baby or a job -- just a husband, three horribly spoiled children, two hyperactive schnauzers, two cats that spend all their time hiding from the dogs, two little frogs that I chase all over the kitchen every time I change their water and a blue betta that tries to bite me. They all depend on me to feed them. Yeah, that's it -- that's what eats up all my time!

How's that sweet baby and how do you like your stay-at-home time?

my two cents said...

I had the best earthquake experience I have ever had - I was outside when it happened! Other than being in NY when an earthquake happens in CA, outsided it the best place to be. We are about 45 minutes from the epicenter, so it was ok here. Thanks for asking.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ahhhh, we still think you're beautiful little blog. Like WT and Dumdad say, it's content that matters and yours is always fabulous. Ta for the flowers though. :D