Friday, February 15, 2008


...not so fun day. Well, I take that back. Today will be fun, because I have nothing to do besides drive up to my in-laws, which means I'll finally be getting some rest.

To say this has been a bad week might be an understatement. No Friday Five today, because my brain is mush, and the fact that I'm even putting coherent sentences together is an achievement in my book (they are coherent, aren't they?).

Yes, I've worked double shifts with the cold from hell. Yes, I baked cupcakes for TFYO's Valentine's Day party. Yes, I had an OBGYN appointment. Yes, I had a parent-teacher conference this week (my kid is teacher's pet, by the way).

And we're all fine. Tired, but fine.

I also found out this week that one of my grandmothers has been put in a nursing home, following a rather swift decline. On the one hand, I'm surprised, because I just talked to her at Christmas, and she seemed okay. On the other, when we got up north to see her a year ago last summer, she was already showing signs of confusion.

Gran has suffered from seizures for a long time, and she had a big one a few weeks ago. While the hospital says there was nothing wrong with her (which, despite the seizures and MRIs and CATscans they still say), she began to descend pretty quickly, and I'm convinced she's had a stroke. I got a phone call from my aunt letting me know what was going on. Gran can't walk (a month ago, she had a walker and was mobile), she's sometimes unaware of her surroundings, and she's having trouble feeding and bathing herself.

I suppose it's a little selfish of me that all I can think about right now is getting away to my in-laws where I know TFYO will be petted and fussed over, and I can just sit on the porch and eat a biscuit (that's not a cookie for you British types, but a Southern biscuit) and not think. There are people in the world much worse off than me: The families of ten people killed in the sugar refinery explosion, the families in the mid-South and mid-west who lost everything in tornadoes, the families of students killed in Illinois yesterday.

But I think I need a little selfishness right now. Just a little, just for a little while.

PS: I'm trying to get around to visit all of you, if just to read. If your stat counters show I've been there, but I haven't left a comment, please don't be offended. Sometimes, I just don't have enough time to comment before someone drags me away to do something else.

And is it just me, or are any of you who use Blogger having a tough time getting the spell-check button to work?


bellevelma said...

Sorry to hear about your Gran. Everyone deserves some r&r time. Enjoy your trip!

laurie said...

i am very sorry to hear about your grandmother. as you saw on my blog, we've had some health problems with my mother-in-law, who is 78.

it's frightening to see how quickly they get frail at this age.

and you--it sounds like you need rest. that's a busy schedule even for someone who isn't pregnant.

enjoy your biscuit. (with honey?)

Mahala said...

A biscuit will make it all okay. Grape jelly on the biscuit will put a whole new perspective on life in general. And yes, spell check is broken. Now everyone will see just how illiterate I am.

Kaycie said...

Sorry to hear about your grandmother. I know that must be hard.

Have a biscuit with butter and honey. Then have a nap, and maybe another biscuit. I hope you get over that cold and get some rest while your inlaws enjoy that precious little one of yours. Everything looks better when you are well rested, body, mind and soul. said...

I am going to be blunt here but it positively sucks getting old. Sorry for your Gran.

And sorry you haven't been up to snuff. Christine has been sick for two/three weeks. I think part of it is that you are not giving yourself any time to feel better. The weekend break for you will help.

Mya said...

Despite what you might think, you are still very coherent! I'm sad to hear about your Grandmother, I hope she rallies soon.
Enjoy your biscuit (whatever that is!) - how about trying it with Marmite? Have a good and relaxing trip to the in-laws. Bon weekend.

Mya x

Jo Beaufoix said...

So sorry to hear about your Gran sweetie. Enjoy that trio guilt free though. You deserve it, and it's not selfish to look after yourself. Hug.
I have an award at mine for you when you're all refreshed and chilled and cold free.

my two cents said...

Get some rest and enjoy your weekend. That's an order.

Willowtree said...

Put your feet up and enjoy. And don't forget the gravy.

PixelPi said...

So sorry to hear about your Gran. I'm sure she's in the best place she can be right now to recover.

I cannot believe the kind of weeks you have and are pregnant too, and you live to tell about it. With a cold because you need more rest.

Biscuits. With drippy butter and honey. Or jelly. Or with a little ham or sausage (with gravy). And maybe some really buttery mashed potatoes (with gravy). And a piece of fried chicken. You need comfort food and rest!

And obviously I need to eat lunch, since typing type made me salivate.

Diana said...

I'm very sorry that your Gran is dwindling. It's never easy. We can always find someone worse off than we are, but that doesn't mean that we aren't in a rough place and in need of curling up somewhere and resting. I'm very glad you are going to get that this weekend. You are in need of it.

Have lots of quiet, lounging time and lots of lovely biscuits.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

I'm sorry about your grandma, Jen. That's a really hard situation.

Would it be too forward of me to say that you sound exhausted and need some rest? I hope this weekend has done it for you and that life looks a little better come Monday.

Yum. Biscuits. Anything but red eye gravy would be a perfect partner.

Ack. I just read Mya's comment. No marmite! Argh.

Dumdad said...

A spell-check button? Blimey, I'm stupid - I didn't even know there was one!