Monday, January 7, 2008

Tell Me Why

Interrogative, Part II

By Henrix Ibex (no relation to Ibsen)

A short existentialist dinner play.

The scene: Dinner time in an average household. Seated are Mommy, Daddy, and TFYO. Mommy and Daddy are eating. TFYO is pushing food around her plate.

TFYO: Why are you eating pork chops and greens and when I'm eating chicken and corn?

Mommy: Because you don't like pork chops and greens and I didn't feel like fighting with you tonight.

TFYO: Why?

Mommy: Because I'm hungry and tired.

Daddy: My, you're just full of questions today.

Mommy: She's been like this all day.

TFYO: Why?

Daddy: I don't know, you tell us.

TFYO: Because I like asking questions. Why are our plates round?

Mommy: Because square wouldn't fit in the dishwasher as well. Why don't you eat something?

TFYO: Why?

Mommy grimaces. Daddy attempts not to laugh.

TFYO: Why did you make that face?

Mommy: Because you've been pushing my buttons all day, that's why. Can you please stop asking me why? No more asking why at the dinner table.


TFYO: (grins mischievously) When can I then?

Mommy hides face in her sweater attempting not to choke on food.

Daddy: Okay, no more asking why, when, what or how. Okay?


TFYO: Who's that sitting on the couch? Is that Zoe?

Mommy exits stage left into bedroom door.

TFYO: Which door did Mommy go into?

Strangled screams are heard from offstage.

TFYO: Why did Mommy yell?



Kaycie said...

Hilarious. I totally remember those days. It doesn't last forever.

Of course, when she's a teenager, you'll wish it had.

auntie barbie said...

Ah, inquisitive little minds trying to figure out the world. This is good, she could be a dull little tool who never questioned anything and would then become a follower.

Sam said...

Of course, you would have to give her drums as well. There's a word for this, I just know it...

Jill said...

She is most definitely YOUR daughter, Jen.

Diana said...

Oh, that's just perfect!

The double whammy of being 4 along with a sense of humor. You are so sunk!!!

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Q: Mommy, how do you spell relief?

A: XANAX!! (and ear plugs)

Okay, maybe only in my house.

But maybe not...

my two cents said...

She is so cute!!! And I think she knows how to get you now.

CamiKaos said...

child rearing at it's finest.

thegrandview said...

Absolutely hilarious. She will make an excellent journalist.