Thursday, January 31, 2008

In Absentia

If anyone has wondered where I've been, I've been trying to sleep. Yes, I've been trying to sleep for a week, and it's not working out as well as I'd hoped.

I've been managing maybe three hours of uninterrupted sleep before our darling Baby J wakes me with a dance routine. When I finally get shifted enough to calm her down, Ray gets up at 3 a.m. The the cats decide it's time to play. Then TFYO needs to get up by 6:30. And of course, I'm working afternoons most days.

I'm not sleeping much, but I've been trying. I try to go to sleep after I take TFYO to school, but between the construction workers building all around us, and Baby J's never-ending Jazzercise class, it makes it tough to settle down, and by the time I do, it's time to get ready for work.

I try to go to bed earlier, but it takes me forever to shut my brain off. I end up laying in bed, thinking about buying a crib, when we're going to paint, what I've got to do at work the next day, and all the while, my belly bump is doing the samba from one side to the other.

Have I mentioned I'm not sleeping?

In a way I'm glad the baby is active, because it's reassuring to know she's alright. On the other hand, she only slows down when I'm moving. The minute I sit, lay down or eat, she pretends to be a Rockette. And it goes on all night long.

Add in the fact that I've got a recurring case of "pregnancy dreams", and it makes a night of quiet repose even more difficult. There's nothing like finally falling into slumber, only to be interrupted by dancing lemons chasing me down endless corridors, and up and down immense stair cases. That's one of the tame dreams.

So, I'm off to try to grab a couple of hours sleep again before I have to head to work.

Wish me luck and some chamomile tea.

I promise to come visit you all when I stop having hallucinatons induced by lack of REM sleep. And if anyone needs any dancing lemons, you can come collect them at my house.


thegrandview said...

I thought your lack of posts might be pregnancy related. Regards lack of sleep, as you get older it becomes more and more like what you described. It almost doesn't feel like sleep anymore, just thinking with eyes shut. Get some rest and take care of yourself.

Dad said...

When you where young I used to tell you to get all the sleep you could because one day you would grow up and have children of your own and then you would never get to sleep ever again. Do remember to tell this to your own children. They won't believe you. But one day when they have children of their own you can remind them and say "I told you so, but you wouldn't believe me."

Mahala said...

I hate to sound all flakey, but have you tried meditation? It may calm the little wiggle worm in your belly down.

Kaycie said...

I remember having trouble sleeping during pregnancy with only one of my three children. I had such a terrible time with it for a while that the doctor had me take benadryl to stay asleep during the high kicking, knee rolling and elbow throwing. It's been a long time ago, now, but I do think it helped.

Good luck and sweet, calm, and staid dreams.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

That sucks. I've heard all the crap about it's nature's way of making sure you're used to sleep deprivation by the time you give birth, but who the hell thinks up these things? Like you don't need all the sleep you can get banked up in advance?

I had the same problem and I'm afraid I have no answers for you. Hang in there. And know we're all in your corner.

my two cents said...

So sorry!! Lack of sleep is one of the worst things - it affects everything you do in such bad ways. I hope this is only temporary and you'll be feeling better again, soon.

Willowtree said...

Good luck with everything Jen.

Jen said...

grandview Yeah, it's sort of a combo of too much work, too much baby and too much stress. I'm working on the rest part, if they'd just pay me for staying home! *grin*

dad Yes, yes, I know. It's a cruel irony that the people who need the most sleep never get it, yet the ones who have the most time to sleep spend it bouncing off the walls. Evolution is a bitch.

mahala That worked really well for me with my first pregnancy. I would do this great supported yoga pose, and my brain would melt into oblivion. It was marvelous. Every time I try with this one, she just bounces harder. It's hard to concentrate with a foot sticking out of your belly. And there's nothing flaky about meditation at all!

kaycie I never thought of Benadryl, I may ask my nurse practitioner about that. And maybe for a good under eye circle concealer, too.

RC Thanks for your support, dear. I think that bit about nature preparing me for sleepless nights is rubbish, too. I say Mother Nature can suck it. LOL

my two cents Lack of sleep really does affect you, doesn't it? I've been alternating between grouchy and punchy, to sometimes hilarious results.

WT Thank you, dear. And thank you for stopping in again. It's nice to have you around.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Jen, Miss M was just the same. As son as I stopped, she started. I sooooo sympathise sweetie. You're doing everything right though. This is the time to really look after you. We'll be here whatever.

laurie said...

i'm so sorry about your lack of sleep! it's the quickest way to go crazy, i do believe.

i loved your comment on RC's blog, about sometimes eating ice cream that makes you break out in hives. i like the way you think.

Teresa said...

I think Mahala might have something there. I have sleep apnea and I can relate to slogging through a day or more without adequate Zs. I now have a CPAP machine which is my best bed partner (sorry hubby) and I have Ambien for dire need situations (only
3 or 4 times a month). As to the pregnancy dreams, the running lemons really made me giggle. I had exhilarating dreams of flying above people and places when I was pregnant.