Saturday, May 5, 2007

Green Acres is the place to be....

If anyone is looking for Sarah, the telephone operator from Green Acres, I think she's working for the local telephone co-op in Effingham County.

My husband called last week to try and get a land line set up at the new homestead. We have our cell phones, but I tend to get antsy around things that need recharging, or require power to an electrical outlet in order to work. It's just me, I'm sure. Anyway, we here in Effingham County do not have service through Bell South, like much of the region. Some might say this is a good thing, and I really don't mind using the co-op, except that the conversation went something like this: (names have been changed to protect the nice old lady working at the co-op)

First conversation, Tuesday afternoon....

"Sarah": Hi, this is ----Co-Op, this is "Sarah", how can I help yeeeeew?

Husband: Hi, I need to get a land line for -----Drive.

"Sarah": Why sure, honey, we'll have someone out either today or tomorrow.


Except it didn't end there.

I waited, and waited and waited. Nobodyshowed, and no dial tone on the phone. So, my husband calls back Thursday, and the same sweet old woman answered the phone, with the same sweet southern accent. And it went like this:

Second conversation, Thursday morning:

"Sarah" : Hi, this is ----Co-op, this is "Sarah", may I help yeeeeeew?

Husband: Hey, yeah, this is Ray----- from -----Drive. You told me someone would have my phone on by yesterday, what happened?

"Sarah" : Well, honey, we're just so gosh darned busy right now! I tell you, you never saw sucha thing. And I am SOOOOO sorry, and I know I should have called you, but how about Mundee afternoon at 2 o'clock? I think that'd work out just great for everyone, don't yeeeew?

At this point, my husband just nodded and said yes, because "Sarah" apparently sounded a lot like his grandmother.

Did I mention how much I love it here?

Oh, and if you're friends of mine, (which you must be if you're reading this thing), just make sure you call me on my cell phone. I'm not exactly sure when I'll have a land line.

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