Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bringing it All Back Home

Okay, that's an album title, not a song lyric, but I don't care because....


Yes, the folks at the Humane Society of Savannah-Chatham County untwisted their knickers long enough to approve us. Actually, what happened was the lower level worker brought our application to the director, who approved us on the spot. We got the call after all getting our hair cut yesterday. We were just on our way home when Ray's cell rang, and they told us we could pick up Zoe and Chloe that day. So we rushed over to the local pet supply store for everything we needed (like cat carriers, we gave ours away when Grimmy and Puck died).

And here they are:

Zoe is on the top, Chloe is on the bottom.
These pictures were taken this morning. What these pictures don't show are a couple of cats very content to take over the sofa, lounge across laps, and sleep on the bed with us. Of course, it also doesn't show them investigating every nook, cranny and closet in the house for all hours of the night, either.

They both seem pretty well adjusted. They've both already eaten, and found the litterbox. The best part is, they both have wonderfully developed and individual personalities. So, we finally did it. Now the hard part is getting TFYO to understand that the cats won't ALWAYS want to sleep on her bed!

And thanks to all of you for your kind words and encouragement over the last few days. You are all awesome and make me proud to know you.


auntie barbie said...

Jen they are beauties!! They really resemble my Puddy. Are they calicos? How are they with TFYO? I'll bet shes in heaven. Congrats on your new babies!

Jen said...

They're actually just a mix of tabby and ginger cat, not really calicos or torties. Their markings are very pretty. Zoe looks a little like a tabby with orange cat back legs, and she's bigger and fluffier than Chloe. Chloe is more tabby, with a few patches of orange. They and TFYO are still getting aquainted. Chloe is a little braver around her than Zoe, but we're getting there.

mjd said...

The cats look beautiful. Chloe and Zoe are wonderful names, Apparently, the cats get along with each other. Cats indeed are funny and wonderful animals each with their own distnct personality.

Iota said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Jen, and of course you can link to it - always a pleasure. Am enjoying yours.

Flutterbot said...

Awe! Yay! congrats! I love the names too. Chloe is also the name of my pooch!

They are adorable you should be very proud.


Poetess said...

Hi Jen

glad you decided to go with cats. they are soooo cute. My kitten Millie did a great escape yesterday and I spent 3 hours in the jungle I call a garden trying to find her. Her mother Millie looked for a while and then wandered off into the wilderness herself.

Keep you on your toes.


Gurnal said...

I'm glad you were able to get the cats. I'm sure TFYO will have loads of fun chasing them. As much fun as you have chasing TFYO.


bellevelma said...

Awwww! Chloe looks just like a cat I had as a kid. I like cats, just wish I wasn't so allergic to them. They are cute! Congratulations!

jillian said...

WELCOME HOME ZOE AND CHLOE! That's awesome, Jen. I knew it would be a matter of time before the kitty heartstrings were being pulled again. Have fun with the new little ones!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I used to have two cats, Buffy and Spike, who looked almost exactly like your two. Cute! Too bad they didn't have any live cats for you to take. At least they look peaceful.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ahh Jen they're so cute.
I'm so jealous.
Can I be their honorary Auntie?
I'm a very good Auntie. Honest.

Hope they settle in well and TFYO enjoys them. They're gorgeous.

Jen said...

Hey everyone! Thanks for the sweet comments and compliments. Even you, jrh! They really are alive, I swear, they were just tuckered out from running all over the house (and me!)last night.

Zoe is turning out to be more adventurous than Chloe. Zoe has already spent time laying in TFYO's lap, while Chloe is still pretty much hiding under the bed. She's come out to eat and to use the litterbox, and one time to miss the litterbox. I think the fact that they're sisters is helping a bit. Overall, they're settling in much better than I expected. I can't sit on the bed without a cat jumping on me now.

And Jo you are welcome to be an honorary auntie! Jillian has always been one to my critters and my kid, so hop on the Auntie bus, there's always room!

willowtree said...

Woohoo! And about time!

I'm glad they ended up being as cool as they looked at the shelter (they're definitely the ones I would have got). I didn't think they were calicos, I thought they were how you described them - a mix of tabby and ginger, which actually makes them pretty unique.

I'm pleased sanity prevailed eventually. When you think about it, they may have put a couple of roadblocks in your way to test your resolve, if you weren't really serious you wouldn't have even come back.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Wahoo!! Jen has two new kids! They're absolutely adorable and look like they've already made themselves at home. I guess this is the payoff for all the beaurocratic BS.

swamp witch said...

WE don't have cats. Our Boxers would not approve. But those a pretty and very lucky to have you.
When are you going to remodel and enlarge your side bar? Look at all those well-deserved awards. Congrats.

Mom said...

I'm so happy for you, Jen! They are really beautiful kitties! It'll be easier for you and TFYO to handle them than a dog, at least you don't have to find time in your day to walk them :) Does that mean I'm a new grandma again? If I ever get a day off again we may even get to see them. Anyway, I know they're where they're were meant to be!