Tuesday, July 17, 2007

These things are gone forever, Over a long time ago

If anyone knows the song that lyric came from, the title might make more sense. It's a Steely Dan song, if it helps. Gurnal should know it, and no Googling people!

So, this is sort of a round-up of various things, not really connected, but sort of. Er, yeah.

UPDATE : Okay, I never had this many friends in school. I'm feeling a little embarassed, because...well, because I tend to curl up into the fetal position when I'm given compliments. I've been given more awards and a wheel barrow full of compliments from my friend The Rotten Correspondent. I've said this before, but she is one of my very favourite people in blogdom.

So, she's given me a Rockin' Blogger award ( I always wanted to be a rock chick, no really!), and she's also given me a :

I've already given out two of these, and now I get one back! Must be some good blog karma going around.

And yes, I'll get around to passing these on, I swear. Once I uncurl from the fetal position under my desk. Now, back to your regularly scheduled posting.

First up, you may have noticed I've gleaned another award. I suddenly feel very important and egotistical. Which means y'all might not want to give me anymore of these. My head might get too big to fit in here.

This one comes from the lovely Mya over at Missing You Already. She even managed to do this while on holiday in England!

Mike from Ordinary Folk who designed the award says, "Schmoozing as defined by Dictionary.com is the ability “to converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection." I think I agree with Mya that this definition makes all of us award winners sound a bit like slimy ass-kissers. She says it's really meant to be warmer, and nicer, more of a "getting-ready-to-meet-new-people" kind of thing. And since I've been given this award, I tend to agree. I think I'm supposed to pass it on to five more people, but I'm going to wait a week, just to be a pain in the ass, and because all of us seem to be winning the same awards.

On a completely unrelated note: the cats. We still haven't heard anything, and the Humane Society worker we talked to yesterday (after she dropped her snotty attitude) said she'd just love to let us adopt Zoe and Chloe, but her supervisor is a real stickler for complete forms. My husband told her that if her supervisor has an issue she can call us. It's not looking good. However, we can always adopt from another rescue group. I'd be happy to have them do a home visit if I thought it would help. I could also just go hang out in the city for half an hour and take the first cat that followed me home (and I mean the four-legged kind!).

And finally, why is it that on crayon boxes they always print "NON-TOXIC CRAYONS"? Does that mean there's someone out there actually selling toxic crayons? And if they were, does anyone think they'd tell us? I mean, would they print "GENUINE TOXIC CRAYONS" on the boxes? I could just see the advertising campaign now: 'Genuine toxic crayons, guaranteed to grow you a third eye, burn through skin, and contaminate your bloodstream, or your money back. Assuming you survive."

Right, that's enough rambling. I think I'll go polish my awards.


The Rotten Correspondent said...

Sorry about your head possibly getting too big for the door. How will you reach your computer? Stick a pin in it or something!

I do know what you mean, though about feeling a little fetal. I like this whole blog business a little too much, methinks.

And I meant every nice thing I said about you. I think your blog kicks boo-tay! (And I still have fingers crossed for the cats. What idiots those people are).

bellevelma said...

I sense you've never worked the phone lines over at Crayola... All those parents calling in a panic because their baby just ate the orange crayon and now what? OMG! Adding a wee bit of toxicity could be a good thing. It might stop kids from eating crayons in the first place and then if we're lucky, it would make the crayons stronger so they wouldn't break on page one of the coloring book.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Jen, you can wear the halo. I mention the word poo far too much in my blog to be considered chief angel.

My head is also a little swollen, but in a good way, it was probably a little shrunken before so now it's evened out.

As for the crayons, maybe they should put vitamins in them, or write on them that they taste of brussels and bogeys.
Then maybe kids won't chew them, but if they do atleast they'll be getting some goodness from them, as well as waxy teeth.

And I agree with RC about the idiot cat people.

willowtree said...

Without googling, I'd say 'Old School Days'. But of course now I'm going to google.

willowtree said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jen said...

****BUZZ*** WRONG! Thank you for playing. Your lovely parting gift is a throaty sounding chuckle from me.

willowtree said...

Yeah I know it's wrong, I just looked it up! I should have known, as I'm a huge fan, have been since '72. I have all their albums plus Donald Fagen's solo stuff! Oh well.

Jen said...

Okay, for those wondering, the lyric is from Steely Dan's Pretzel Logic, hence the pretzel picture.

RC, I'll have a cat update for y'all in the morning.

bellevelma: Nope, never worked for Crayola, but I have met a few mums who freaked out when their tykes started pooping the colours of the rainbow.

And Jo, I just used the word poop. Mya will have to wear the halo. I suppose if I'm a memeber of RC's angel's I'm the one who looks like Kate Jackson. She was the brainy one anyway!

willowtree, it was kind of an obscure lyric, it's over thirty years old. Of course, so am I *grin*

mjd said...

Congratulations, on all of the awards. You deserve all of those and more. To me schmoozing, means easy-going and friendly.

Maybe at one time some of the crayons did have some evil toxins like lead. Years ago manufacturers put lead in lots of products. Perhaps, the non-toxic label is explaining, we used to have bad stuff now we are producing a safe product. (just a thought)

Anonymous said...

Ya know how they put stuff in natural gas to make it smell really bad? Maybe they ought to do the same thing with Crayons - make 'em smell like poop or mildew or something equally disagreeable so kids won't want to stick the darn things into their bodily orifices. 'Course, then they might not want to play with them either, but that'd be a small price to pay for non-toxified toddlers.

Congratulations on all the awards - you are exceptionally deserving, even with that big head; which, by the way, looks really quite fetching when you're in that fetal position.