Wednesday, July 11, 2007

We chickens tryin' to sleep....

Thank you Louis Jordan.

Sorry for the late posting, kids, my brain isn't quite functioning yet. I was woken prematurely by roosters and a four-year-old.

As has been mentioned before, I live out in the country. For the record, I'm not one of these stupid yuppies who build McMansions out in a rural area, and then complain that everything smells like cow shit. Honestly, manure smells don't bother me. I had two indoor cats for thirteen years who shared a litter box, and nothing smells worse than a three-day-old litter box.

But the roosters are new. They weren't here when I moved in. I'm not sure, yet, where they've moved in to, because the land is flat, and sound travels a long way here, but since they're roosters, they wake up at the crack of dawn.

Many moons ago, when I did morning drive, this wouldn't have bothered me because I used to get up before the roosters. Now, my husband is the one to get up at 3 a.m. and I get to practice going back to sleep, until recently. For the last two mornings it's been cock-a-friggin'-doodle-do just as I settle back to sleep, 'round about 5 a.m. A little crowing wouldn't bother me, but with all that cackling going on, it's a little like listening to an interview with Graham Norton and Joan Rivers.

TFYO hasn't really seemed to notice, but she has been getting up much earlier than usual. So after the cocks stop crowing and I close my eyes to the blessed silence, I hear this:

"Yacky! It's morning! GET UP!"

Oh, yes, TFYO has given us all new nicknames. She's named herself "Quacky", I am "Yacky", and her father has been dubbed "Shmacky". No, I have no idea why. But for now, I'm blaming it on the roosters.

Anybody got a good recipe for coq au vin?


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Hello..Yes I live here in Savannah actually in Georgetown. I am quite a bit older than you but love blogging! I have so enjoyed meeting people here in blogland!! I have a friend that lives in rural Guyton and my hubby works around that area often. Thanks again for stopping by. I love new visitors. Sandy

mjd said...

Very funny post, Yacky. Four-year-olds are such delightful creatures. Who can fathom what must go on in their wonderful little minds?

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Yacky, eh? LOL. If we didn't love you dearly you know we'd use that against you, don't you? And the roosters, yikes. You don't really realize how loud the little buggers are until they get going. I'll start looking for recipes for you. Get out your grill.

Jen said...

Oh, now RC, I kind of expected y'all would use it against me. And I know full well why I got named "Yacky". It's just my husband being named "Shmacky" that I'm wondering about!

The Rotten Correspondent said...

when she calls you yacky do you tell her the little apple and tree story??

Anonymous said...

Here in suburbia it's the darn doves. Yeah, you wouldn't think their gentle cooing would be that bad, would ya; but when the whole gang's all going at it just outside the window at the break of dawn it can be pretty dang infuriating.

Oh, and then we get an occasional mocking bird who doesn't give a flying fig about sunrise and sings all night long.

I love roosters, though. They're delicious.

Jo Beaufoix said...

RC, Yacky, what is the apple and tree story?

Hee hee, it could have been worse, and atleast you don't look anything like a Yak.

Drunk Mummy said...

Graham Norton and Joan Rivers - that is a truly terrifying prospect.
Can't you find the roosters and feed them melatonin pills to mess up their internal clocks? A jet-lagged rooster might not crow until about ten in the morning.

Jen said...

Hey Jo, I think RC was referring to the "apple not falling far from the tree". TFYO is often looking at me with a pained expression, telling me to "not talk right now, Mommy, please". But I think she yaks more than I do.

Hey, jrh! Thanks for stopping by again. We had a mockingbird that lived outside our apartment in Birmingham, AL. The damn thing would perch on a branch outside the window and deliberately sing to drive our cats nuts. He was cute, but cheeky. We also have ducks here in the neighbourhood. They're delicious, too!

And drunk mummy, so, any ideas for slipping these pills into the rooster feed? Or maybe any idea where to buy said pills??

bellevelma said...

LOL! I hear ya on the nicknames. I haven't been called "mom" in almost a year. Here's my coq au vin recipe:

1. kill the roosters, leave them where they fall

2. Pick up a bucket of KFC and a big bottle of wine on your way home from killing the roosters.

3. Pop the cork on the wine, drink it straight from the bottle. Open the bucket of chicken, and eat it while it's still hot (use paper plates for easy clean up).

Hope that helps.