Tuesday, July 3, 2007

We ride with kings on mighty steeds across the devil's plain

The lyric is from "History", by Tenacious D. Yes, I know, I was reaching a little far afield for that one...

Anyways, the lovely Flutterbot has tagged me in her very own internet meme. To quote her blog:

Since yesterday was my birthday I have decided to start a Wiki Birthday Meme because it sounds pretty interesting. Heres how it works, go to Wikipedia type in your birthday (only month and day). Then you list 3 events, 2 births, 1 holiday, and then you tag 5 friends.

So, I have done just this. My birthday is September 28th, by the way. Just in case any of you want to send a card or something.


1066 - William the Conqueror invades England: the Norman Conquest begins.

1867 - Toronto becomes the capital of Ontario.

1941 -Major League Baseball: Ted Williams of the Boston Red Sox hits a batting average of .406 that was originally at .3995. He is the last player to have a batting average of .400 or better. (That one is for my husband, who adores the game)

Okay, I'm only supposed to list two birthdays, but these are just too good.


551 BC: Confucius, Chinese Philosopher

1836 Thomas Crapper, English Inventor

1901 Ed Sullivan, show host

1934 Brigitte Bardot, actress famous for taking off her knickers

1972 Dita Von Teese, burlesque artist, also famous for taking off her knickers

Czechoslovakia: St. Wenceslaus Day, day he was murdered, also sometimes celebrated as Czech Statehood Day.

Alright, I'm done and I tag:

The Rotten Correspondent
The Whitby Zoo
Saphyre Rose at Sun and Moon Sorcery
Jo Beaufoix
taqdeer at desertscape

Okay y'all, TAG, you're it!

P.S. Anyone who I didn't tag who reads regularly, feel free to join in the fun, whether you have a blogger account or not. You can always leave your list in the comments section.


nikki said...


October 23 =)

4004 BC - The universe was created, according to the Ussher-Lightfoot Calendar

1973 - The Watergate Scandal: US President Richard M. Nixon agrees to turn over subpoenaed audio tapes of his Oval Office conversations about the scandal.

2001 - Apple Inc. releases the first iPod.
1925 - Johnny Carson, American television host (d. 2005)

1959 - Sam Raimi, American film director

Chemistry: Mole Day

Gurnal said...

OK...I'll give it a go.

January 7:

1608 - Fire destroys Jamestown, VA

1724 - George Gershwin completes "Rhapsody In Blue"

1727 - The Harlem Globetrotters play their first game (a win no doubt)

BONUS: 1999 - Bill Clinton's impeachmet trial begins


1800 - 13th US President Millard Fillmore

1891 - author Zora Neale Hurston

BONUS: 1957 - CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric


Distaff Day: a European holiday when women's traditional work begins again on the 12th day after Christmas (so if you ladies subscribe to this...no housework for 11 days after December 25th)

"Veddy interesting!"
--Arte Johnson, Laugh In

Jen said...

LOL, Nikki, you were born on the same day as the universe??? Talk about an ego trip!

And Gurnal, you are too good a news anchor to share a birthday with Katie Couric. And your legs are better. And I love the Arte Johnson quote. We're getting old, I think, how many other people even remember Laugh In?

Jo Beaufoix said...

Thanks for the tag Jen.
Here's mine..

12th February


1554 - A year after claiming the throne of England for nine days, Lady Jane Grey is beheaded for treason.

1990 - Super Mario Bros. 3, technically the best selling video game of all time, is released in the United States.

1999 - President Bill Clinton is acquitted by the United States
Senate in his impeachment trial.

(Just because it goes so well with gurnal's)


1809 - Charles Darwin, English naturalist.

1915 - Lorne Greene, American actor. Used to be in Bonanza and Battlestar Galactica

1923 - Franco Zeffirelli,Italian film and opera director and designer

1938 - Judy Blume, American author

1980 - Christina Ricci, American actress

(I know that's five but I'm so excited.)


Darwin Day is the anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin on February 12, 1809.

Red Hand Day, held on February 12, is an annual commemoration day created to draw attention to the fate of children who are forced to serve as soldiers in wars and armed conflicts.

OK, I know, I'm breaking the rules again, but I thought both of these were kind of important.

Thanks Jen.

That was fun.

Now I'm off to tag some other unsuspecting folks...


Saphyre Rose said...

Sorry, I am a day late on this,

September 9


1513 - James IV of Scotland is defeated and dies in the Battle of Flodden Field, ending Scotland's involvement in the War of the League of Cambrai.

1850 - California is admitted as the thirty-first U.S. state.

1956 - Elvis Presley appears on The Ed Sullivan Show for the first time.


1585 - Armand Jean du Plessis, Cardinal Richelieu, French statesman (d. 1642)
OK, these two share my birthday and year
1960 - Hugh Grant, English actor

1960 - Mario Batali, American chef and restaurateur


Japan - Chrysanthemum Day (Kiku no Sekku).

jillian said...

Here are my items... so very exciting for us all!


708 - Copper coins are minted in Japan for the first time (Traditional Japanese date: August 10, 708).

1533 - Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire: Inca emperor Atahualpa is executed in Cajamarca by the garrote by Spanish invaders known as Conquistadores.

1991 - Supreme Soviet suspends all activities of the Soviet Communist Party.


1915 - Ingrid Bergman, Swedish actress (d. 1982)

1958 - Michael Jackson, American singer (I shudder to think we share the same birthday)


Eastern Orthodox Christianity and Roman Catholic Church commemorate the beheading of John the Baptist with a feast day.

Since I've just started my blog, I can't really tag anyone.

jillian said...

Apparantly, I'm an idiot and forgot to type my birtday. DUH!

August 29