Thursday, November 15, 2007

All we hear is radio ga-ga...

Courtesy of Queen.

For anyone who wonders what I do at work, here is TFYO's interpretation:

She drew this Sunday while she was at work with me. As she was drawing I asked her where my face was, and she said "Moooo-om! That's the back of your head! And I'm not finished yet, leave me alone."

Please note, she did remember the clock. The giant L-shaped thing is my chair. The loops on my head are not ears, but headphones. And the name of the station is displayed prominently. I am apparently talking to my boss. That is a microphone in my hand. If you look carefully, the squiggles to my left are the board, and the computer, again, with the station name prominently displayed. And just in case you were unsure of what you were looking at, she also wrote "Mommy at Work" on the bottom.

A masterpiece if there ever was one.


Mya said...

Top marks! I'm glad you explained about the headphones - I was beginning to worry about your ears!
Mya x

my two cents said...

Truly a masterpiece! I especially love the headphones and dialogue. (And this is coming from someone who has worked with 'masterpieces' for over twenty years!) Our fabulous prep has his kids' art all over his shop and I just love going in there. TFYO is really a GREAT kid, artistic, musical, smart, funny, and practical!

Dumdad said...

A veritable masterpiece.

I'd frame that picture and take it down to Sothey's for auction and make yourself a fortune.

No, better still, keep it as it's bound to appreciate in value over the years.

laurie said...

wow, that's pretty impressive!
she has an eye for detail.
the clock is important...because it will show when you can go home.

Gurnal said...

That's wonderful. I know TFYO is proud of mommy. The picture is proof of that.