Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Just a half a mile away from the railroad track...

Lyric courtesy of Arlo Guthrie and one of the best story songs ever. It's not truly Thanksgiving for me until I hear someone play it on the radio.

Quick post to wish all the American readers a Happy Thanksgiving. For those who don't celebrate the holiday, grab some turkey (or tofurkey, if that's what you're into), some cranberry and have a fine weekend.

I've got an OB appointment this morning, so I'll give y'all a baby update when I get back. I'm already feeling this little one bounce around in there. So, it's quite possible I may be birthing a Cirque du Soleil performer. Of course, I may also just be rolling over on my stomach too much in my sleep for Baby X's comfort.

Things to look forward to when I get back:

  • The aforementioned baby update

  • Why it's a bad idea to fry turkey in a garage

  • The Confederate Flag

  • My recent run-in with an anti-milk campaigner

Talk to y'all on Monday.

Oh, and if there's any thing you guys would like to know about the South, something maybe you've always wondered, leave it in the comments. I've been looking for new things to write about lately. I think I'm going a bit stale.


laurie said...

you're not stale at all, at least not in my book.
have you read "confederates in the attic"? that'll give you plenty of Southern fodder. it's a wonderful book about why the south is still obsessed with the civil war.

told thru the eyes of a northern journalist who takes a spin through the south, trying to understand it.

good luck at the OBGYN.

PixelPi said...

I agree about the Alices's Restaurant song. It can make a post meal lounge around the living room playing a game or semi-napping, one-button open folks laugh their heads off.

I'm a southerner by birth and heritage but having been living up in Southern Canada (which is what I consider Michigan) for almost 30 years so most of the south has faded away except for the occasional "y'all."

But you might need to explain, for example, the use of the words "sweet tea" and "coke" to some of your readers. There are some really good southern mannerisms that through us Yankees-by-default into laughing fits!

Waiting for baby report.

Robot Lord of Tokyo said...

Turducken: Fact or Fiction (And How Does It Taste)?

That's what inquiring Canadian minds want to know about the South.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

You don't have a stale bone in your body. It's your pregnancy brain that's making you think you do.

As far as the South goes -

what's all the fuss about grits/okra/greens?

why is everyone always "fixin'" to do something? and what is broken to start with?

Sweet tea isn't the only great divide - there's also red eye gravy. Blurgh.

Have you ever seen the White Trash Cookbook? Oh.My.God. I grew up eating that food.

Have you ever heard of a movie called CSA:The Confederate States of America? It's about how life could be today if the South had won the war. They didn't much care for it in the South.

Okay. I'm done. Good luck at the OBs.

Leendaluu said...

You have a great Thanksgiving as well....let us know what foods grace the Southern Thanksgiving table... I do love me some biscuits and gravy.

Mya said...

Happy Thanksgiving!Good luck with the OB appointment. You're not stale - you're fresh as a daisy!

The religious fanatacism is always interesting (and a bit weird) to read about. I like to hear about the wildlife too. Tornadoes are interesting - although I think I remember you saying you didn't really care for them. Language. Mindset.Food.Music.Style.The Southern man! Is he really a true gent? There's a few ideas to hurl into the pot.

Mya x

Diana said...

Alice's Restaurant is one of my all time favorite songs. It never fails to make me giggle.

My question: What's on the menu for your Southern Thanksgiving? What do you miss from your Canadian Thanksgiving?

Have a wonderful weekend. You couldn't be stale if you tried for a year.

my two cents said...

I agree, you are far from stale!! If you ever run out of things to write about, just post more of TFYO's drawings. Or pictures of your beach trips - I miss the Atlantic Ocean. Hope your ob appt. was uneventful, which to me would make it good. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Willowtree said...

I don't much care for mother's milk but I do love the packaging (it's an oldie but a goldie).

Dumdad said...

Stale - jamais!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

my two cents said...

Another idea for a post...I'd really like to know how to make a proper cup of tea.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Miss Jen, you are about as stale as freshly baked bread still warm from the oven. Can't wait or baby updates. And I just read the lyrics to that song. I never heard the song, but the story is great. The main story song I remember was Camouflage by Ridgway Stan. We loved that when we were kids.