Saturday, October 6, 2007

Baby Let's Play House

Sung by Elvis, written by Arthur Gunter. It's a Youtube clip. As you can see, as much as I like Arthur Gunter, there aren't a whole lot of lyrics, besides "baby".

Some housekeeping time!

Some of you who read here know that I belong to a new site Some of you, including Jo Beaufoix and The Rotten Correspondent, are also members there.

Right now it's just in the beta stages but it's going public in a big way tomorrow (Sunday).

It's purpose is just what the site name says: to create a buzz. About what? Well, about your blog. If you're just starting out small, and you're looking at your lonely Hit Counter and only your Mom is coming to visit you, sign up at Cre8buzz, and let other people see who you are and what you're writing!

Or maybe you got hundreds of hits everyday, but you're greedy. You want more. You want thirty comments a day to hundred. This is good for that, too.

Now, the link I have below to sign up for the beta today is for the Women category. However, I'd like to stress there are other categories you can join, including Art and Artists, Games, Religion, Politics, or pretty much whatever takes your fancy. You can visit whoever you want in whatever category you want. It's a social networking site for your blog.

Come on by and give it a shot. I can't wait to see what you avatar will be.

Also, I've received a couple of awards, and I've been remiss in thanking those people, who, while deluded, really are nice.

My first came from Willowtree, and it's even tasteful enough to put in my sidebar. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go over to his blog at look at the Dingo Award. I love you , Willowtree, but I hope never to receive it. By the way, Willowtree is my blogging hero. I know his ego is big enough, and doesn't need help from me, but I love reading his posts. Even if half of them are videos of his dogs. This is the award he gave me:

It's actually not so strange that he gave me this award, as it is an award for giving him an award (see what I mean about the ego?). But he's also very talented in the graphics department, and it is a lovely award, so it is proudly displayed right at the top. I shall stop now before Willowtree's head explodes and I get a bill for the clean-up.

I also received an award from Rotten Correspondent, which seems to be getting to be a habit on her part. I would really just once love to give her an award. I think I gave her a thoughtful blogger award, once, maybe. But if she's going to keep piling these little gems of pixel joy on me, how can I refuse? I don't have quite as many readers as RC, but I always love it when she brings them with here. It's the best gift she good give me weak and fragile ego. This is the award she has given me:

An award she won herself, and certainly deserved it. It's an award for someone just starting to generate buzz among bloggers. I'm not sure if I qualify, but I do have someone picked out to receive it, and I will give it out with much fanfare later in the week, when I can't think of anything else to write *grin*

I'm off to work now, but please do take a moment to visit the sites mentioned here. You know, if you've got the time!


Jo Beaufoix said...

Yay break out blog lady.
And I keep meaning to properly check out Willowtree as he sounds so funny so I will do that.
Still laughing about yesterdays post.
Hee hee hee.

Jackal said...

Go cre8Buzz - go!

willowtree said...

Unbelievable! Everyone freaked out at my suggestion to remove WV (ok, I know you didn't but RC said she would blame me if she got any Spam), yet you guys join something like this!?! Where you think spam originates!

PS, Thanks for the mention, but there were a lot more nice things you could have said about me.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

willowtree - I said I would blame you if I got Viagraspam, which I haven't. And I didn't freak out, I bitched. There's a difference.

Jeez, you would think the fact that you have jen, laurie and I all treating you like the second coming (of what I can't say) would at least make you quit your griping occasionally. Jeez...

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Oh, and Jen...good for you for remembering the cre8buzz thing. I totally spaced.

And congrats on your awards. I will continue to pass them your way.


Jackal said...

Go cre8Buzz - go!