Wednesday, October 24, 2007

But Georgia never had a sweeter peach...

That's not a song about a meme, but Mame. It's a stretch. I ripped it off from Willowtree.

A blog meme with no real rules. Amazing. I didn't think they existed. Usually, they have all these convoluted rules, where you have to tag three other people who were born during a full moon, but only on a Tuesday and not in fall. And then you have to answer questions like "If you were a candy, what kind would you be?" For the record, I'd be Mounds.

This is a meme about...well, me, I suppose. I was tagged by Rotten Correspondent, one of my oldest and dearest bloggy buddies. She was tagged by Laurie, who wrote a wonderful condensed version of the rules:

it's a very ancient meem, apparently, because it comes with no instructions; i guess they have been lost to the mists of time. i traced it back as far as i could, looking for guidance from the elves or druids or whoever it was who started the meem. i clicked from swearing mother to the person who meemed her--manic mother of five (va-voom! a hottie!), and from her i clicked back to self-employed mum (how did i get on this meem list, i wonder? i have no children), and from her blog i clicked back to my favorite autistic, and from her to identity crisis, but nowhere could i find instructions for this meem...and then a wizard appeared, in one of those tall pointy hats, and he pointed his long wand at me and he intoned, 'JUST MAKE IT UP, DAMMIT.'

So, I shall do that, too.

Although, I probably already told you all everything there is to know about me. For God's sake, I've even shared what colour underwear I sport most days!

So, here is a refresher course for those just joining:

  • I'm a Canadian living in the United States.

  • I moved to the States when I was fifteen.

  • It was hellish.

  • I still carry a Green Card because getting citizenship is a pain in the butt.

  • I moved to the South from Michigan in 1996.

  • I've been bouncing around the southeast ever since.

  • I married a guy from North Georgia, who has no southern accent

  • I met him at work, and he was my boss.

  • I work in radio, and have been a traffic reporter, a news anchor/reporter, a production assistant, a programming assistant, and a DJ (we call them "jocks").

  • I have one child, and one on the way.

  • I had two cats who travelled the country with me, who died last year.

  • I have two new cats, adopted over the summer, named Zoe and Chloe.

  • They are sisters.

  • My child has a mild form of Asperger's Syndrome, which is an autism spectrum disorder.

  • She is four, and is referred to here as The Four Year Old, or TFYO, because I'm too lazy to type that over and over.

  • I've known my best friend, Jill (aka Auntie Jill) since I was fourteen, and she's still my friend.

  • I'm terrified of spiders, tornadoes and fire, all of which I seem to run into with alarming frequency

  • I'm agnostic, having once been a Comparative Religion studies minor.

  • But I love the diversity that comes from everyone else's religion of choice.

  • Irises are my favourite flower and were in my wedding bouquet.

  • I speak very bad French.

  • But I cook really good French food.

  • When I'm pregnant, I get an urge to bake...there is a post on that coming soon.

I can't think of anything else, but if you have questions you want answered, or things you'd like to see me blog about, feel free to leave it in the comments section. A little inspiration, no matter how silly, is good for me.

Oh, and the reason why I blog? All of you, of course.

I'm not good in a crowd. I don't like talking to a lot of people face to face, which is why I work in radio. No one ever sees me, so I can talk all day, as long as I keep telling my self I'm only talking to one person. I suppose if I had a huge audience with lots of comments like Willowtree or Rotten Correspondent, I might go into hiding. I like the size of my blog just fine. I can write how I want, when I want, and the comments that I do get (with the exception of yesterday's Phil bashing) are generally ego-enhancing. Who wouldn't want that?

And of course, I've met some really interesting people all over the world. A British journalist living in France. A mom in England, who's married to a guy in a band, and who has also held all kinds of cool jobs. A nurse in Kansas who makes me laugh almost every day. A weird Canadian guy who writes random thoughts and writes code for a living. An Aussie who's coached baseball and who's one of the most lovable curmudgeons I know. A pagan who lives in South Carolina. A guy in California who's both a metal worker and a teacher (whether he knows it or not). A teacher from Indiana, who is both proud of her faith, and knows how to make science fun. Just to name a few.

Right, so I'm supposed to tag a few people. How about...Pixelpi over at Motes. And also...Bellevelma at Running with Books. Just because. And since there are not rules, you guys don't have to do this! Sweet!


my two cents said...

I had no idea your husband doesn't have a southern accent! How interesting. I get the feeling his parents have southern accents, is that correct? I often surprise people when they find out I am from New Jersey because I don't have a NJ accent, but when I am in NJ, they all roll their eyes at my California accent!

Jen said...

Ray's parents both have southern accents (thick ones!) and Ray used to have one when he was a kid. I think he worked hard to ditch it since he's a news guy. I'll have to find some audio of him and post it for y'all.

Jill (aka Auntie Jill) said...

Yeah. 20 years practically, and I still like you. What's up with that? :P

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Loved it,Jen.I'm also surprised yet not surprised by Ray's lack of an accent.People with southern accents are often pressured to lose them, which is kind of sad really, because they're neat accents.Julia Roberts and Courtney Cox - two perfect examples.

And speaking of the south (Steel Magnolias quote alert) have I told you recently that I love you more than my luggage? Even if you DID put my name in the same sentence as Willowtree.

I'm scared, Jen.

laurie said...

i loved this. being relatively new to your blog, i only knew a few of these things. (like i said earlier, i thought you were a brit.)

i don't like spiders, either. and here's something i should have confessed yesterday:I KINDA LIKE PHIL COLLINS, TOO! he's so benign. what's not to like?

nice getting to know you!

laurie said...

I think I may have taken a stupid pill this morning because I still don't understand what all this "meme stuff" is about.

And for a born and bred Bostonian, I have nary an accent also. With the possible exception of when I drink. Then it all comes out like this.

"My brothaaaa Babby and I, spent the weekend in Hyannnnnnnisport havvving chowdahhhh."

Jo Beaufoix said...

Oh Jen, just because I'm not fond of the old Philster's music doesn't mean I don't love you babe.

You're amazing.

I am also scared of spiders and I don't think I'd be overly fond of tornadoes either.

I'll stop there as I have to do this meme too and I'll have nothing left to write.

Can't wait to hear about how your baby visit went.


mjd said...

Yours meme is my favorite kind, one with no rules. From reading your blog relatively consistently, I did know some of these things about you. I can relate to not liking to talk to a lot of people at a time. I prefer having dinner with a few friends rather than big parties.

Mya said...

I hate tornadoes too - I got whacked by one in downtown Nashville about ten years ago. Something I suppose you have to get used to in the South.
It's interesting hearing about personality traits - like the way you prefer individual contact to crowds. I'm similar to you in that respect - I hope you don't find that too scarey!

Mya x

Leendaluu said...

We'd make a perfect pair because if I were a candy, I'd be Almond Joy. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't. Great. Now I'll have that damm jingle in my head all day...

Sam said...

I'm glad I didn't get picked for this one. I think I've talked myself out for the rest of the month when it comes to me...