Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It was a graveyard smash...

Thank you Bobby Boris Picket.

Halloween is here, and I'm going to be off to TFYO's "Fall Fling Party" at school today. You can't say Halloween at school anymore, because it could be offensive. Which is fine. But everyone is dressing up in costumes, and the room will be decorated with jack o'lanterns and cartoony monsters. Nope. Not Halloween at all.

Here are the cupcakes, with before and after decoration shots. TFYO helped with the sprinkles, can you tell?

I still need to carve our pumpkins. That is my job every year, and I love it. I love to toast the pumpkin seeds, too. Last year, I did half with just salt and olive oil, and half with Chinese Five Spice. This year, I might do some brown sugar-cayenne seeds.

I will post pictures through the day as we go. I'll have pictures of the jack o'lanterns, TFYO etc. She's going as a cat this year, which (witch?) made me happy because it's the easiest costume I've had to make thus far.

Happy Halloween!

I found this video while searching for "Monster Mash" on YouTube. It's very clever and has good editing, too, filled with bits of old campy movies. It also includes clips from one of my fave Mel Brooks films, too. See if you can catch it. And of course, it's got the song. Props to someone named soulrocket for their work.

Picture update!!

Here are some pictures from this afternoon and this evening. Obviously I'm not going to post pictures of TFYO's classmates, since I don't have their parents permission. But I saw everything from a dragon, to Batman, to three Spidermans, and a couple of princesses for good measure. My daughter was the only non-gender specific character, and that made me very happy.

And some pictures from tonight, yes I did her make-up:

And yes, I carved these pumpkins. I'm the only person in my family with no artistic talent. At least, not visual arts.


captain corky said...

Trick-or-treat! Those look good. Can I have some? ;)

Jen said...

Well, hey, Captain Corky! I've seen you over at Molly's blog, and maybe at Willowtree's, too. Thanks for stopping by! And if you check the previous post, you may find I'm awash in a glut of baked goods. I'll send some your way. LOL

laurie said...

those look fabuous, but ... but ... why in the world is "halloween" offensive??

Diana said...

I love that at our kids' school it is still a Halloween party they will be having today, not a harvest party or a fall party or whatever.

Now I'm absolutely craving cupcakes.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

That was a really neat clip.

And those cupcakes look yummy. Clearly TFYO has mom's baking gene.

laurie - It's the new PC. Some kids may not celebrate Halloween, so we call it a Fall Party. Ditto Christmas, Valentines and others I can't think of right now.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Oh, and I think my aggravation with the whole thing didn't come through as strongly as it should have.

Welcome to the new millenium.

Dumdad said...

We're in Halloween mode on The Other Side of Paris as I write.

Great video clip!

And there was an excerpt from Mel Brooks's Young Frankenstein, I believe?

my two cents said...

Hope you and TFYO have a really great day!! I love the cupcakes. At my kid's former elementary school they had a Halloween Carnival, still do, but there was no celebration during school time what so ever. No costumes, no candy, or cupcakes. I remember when I was a kid, and believe me we had a costume parade, and goodies, the whole nine yards, but the teachers would always talk about how if a person from another country came to the US on Halloween they wouldn't know what was going on with all these people walking around in costumes because other countries didn't celebrate Halloween. I get the feeling that isn't true anymore.

PixelPi said...

There were lots of Young Frankenstein clips in there, but if you hadn't given Mel Brooks as a clue, I might have gone for Godzilla.

I would go make cupcakes now if my doorbell wasn't about to start ringing with little monsters. I'm wearing my bunny slippers as my costume.

Willowtree said...

I for one am pleased that it's no longer called a Halloween Party, I find the word party totally offensive.

Jen said...

Willowtree You only find it offensive because no one invites you to parties.

laurie I live in the Deep South. This is where you're not allowed to talk about Halloween, but your church is allowed to put on a "Judgement House", where they show you all the horrid things that will happen to you if you don't get their version of religion.

Diana Cupcakes are easy to make. Box of cake mix, muffin tin, can of frosting. Craving satisfied!

RC The cupcakes may look yummy, but not many got passed out because some other mother made ones that looked like brains. Ah, well.

dumdad Good eye! I loved how the Young Frankenstein clips got mixed in with the old campy stuff, like "The Hypnotic Eye".

my two cents Part of the reason we had cupcakes etc, was because it's Pre-K, and not in an acutal elementary school. The rules are a little looser, I think. Just not loose enough to call it Halloween.

pixelpi We've only had one kid so far, and he was from across the street. I think it may be a quiet Halloween. :(

More pictures to come!

Leendaluu said...

Cute kitty! Our house is full of princesses...such is life with fashionistas. I have to admit I'm a Halloween pumpkins, no decorations. (But A LOT OF CHOCOLATE, so I guess I'm not too scroogy ;-)

The Rotten Correspondent said...

TFYO looks wonderful! And I don't know what you're talking about with your pumpkins. I think they look really good. It's not easy to carve a frickin' pumpkin and not cut your hand off in the process.

Oh, and nice shot at Willowtree. Heh.

my two cents said...

I gave out around 300 pieces of candy in 45 minutes tonight, and I didn't have any trick-or-treaters as cute as TFYO. I did have one girl dressed as a volcano. Very cool costume with a crown of blinking orange lights that were the lava coming out the top. It was truly wonderful! Not as cute as a kitten, though!

And, although this isn't the deep south we have a lot of 'alternative' type festivals going on because Halloween is all bad and such. One house on our street, which is obviously a Halloween hot spot, gives out religious literature, and has a mock graveyard where all the stones say things like, Here lies Sally - she didn't listen to...or Here lies John - he was bad.

my two cents said...

p.s. It cracks me up that my post is dated November 1st. It is still October 31st here!

Mya said...

Your pumpkin lanterns look wonderful! I see the baking goes on, unchecked. And TFYO? What a pretty kitty! Looks like a full works Halloween to me, even if you aren't allowed to call it that.

Mya x

mjd said...

Your daughter is beautiful and the pumpkins are fun. Most Halloween nights, we do what you do except we have no children at home to go trick-or-treating. I have never used anything other than salt on our pumpkin seeds. I will have try something exotic next year or maybe next week.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Jen, phew, made it at last.
Ok, love the muffins, the pumpkins look fab, and tfyo is sooo cute. Her make up is great. Some people slosh on so much but that just looks really pretty.
I looooove the clip, especially the face of Frankenstein's Monster at about 1.15 when the weird boke screams, 'He's alive.' and the monster looks all bemused, like, 'oh, we've got a live on here.'

And Halloween, offensive, what??