Thursday, October 25, 2007

Oh, the mother and child reunion... only a motion away. Thanks to Paul Simon.

So things are fine in baby-land, for those of you just dying to know. My appointment Tuesday was probably the quickest one I've ever had. I walked in, peed in the cup, checked my weight and BP, laid down on the table while they looked for the baby's heartbeat with the Doppler thingy, asked how I was feeling, and done.

Of course, finding the baby's heartbeat took a little doing. I had a Physician's Assistant in Training on Tuesday. She's training with my doctor, Dr. W, and that morning was doing the rounds with the nurse practitioner, Nurse C. I've said it before, Nurse C is awesome. She's no-nonsense, and very earthy. I love her.

Well, the PAIT started looking. And looking and looking and looking, until pretty much my whole abdomen was covered with that jelly stuff they put on you to make the Doppler wand move more easily.

"Um, trouble?" I asked.

"No, I know the baby's in there, I can see it, it just doesn't seem to want to hold still for me to catch the heartbeat. I'm catching echoes, but I want to make sure it's not your heartbeat I'm reading."

At that point Nurse C walked in. We both waited while the PAIT kept looking. I started to get a little nervous.

"All right!" said Nurse C, "My turn!" She pushed a lot harder with the wand than the PAIT. It took a couple of minutes, but there was the heartbeat, loud and clear and strong.

"There! Heartbeat in the 160's, just like we like it. Mobile little rascal," she said.

"Great, it's just like my first one: won't sit still, and pig-headed, too. Swell." Nurse C. looked at me with an eyebrow raised.

"You were worried, weren't you?"

And then I went on to explain the food poisoning, and the weight loss, and how my husband was worried. What I didn't tell her was I was worried. I've known so many people in the last year who've lost their pregnancies just before week 12. But of course, I put it off on Ray. Let him be the one to worry.

"It takes a lot to unseat a healthy pregnancy," she said. "And you're about as healthy as they come. Your blood pressure is great, your blood work was perfect, and whether you know it or not, you're glowing. You can tell your husband, that you are just fine and so is that baby."

So, I went to work all happy, and went home just as happy.

TFYO asked about my appointment that night, and I told her everything was fine.

"Where is the baby, mommy?"

"Well, honey, we've talked about this, the baby is growing right here in my tummy."

At that point she grabbed the front of my t-shirt and hauled it down to my navel.

"I don't see the baby! When can I see it!"

This isn't the first time she's tried to undress me, of course. When she was about three or so, she was sitting on my lap on the floor one evening, just before bed. She had her head on my chest.

"Mom, your chest sure is lumpy. Hey! What've you got down there!" I happened to be wearing a very loose shirt, and she yanked the front of it down. At that point, Ray, who had been standing behind the couch, fell to the floor and had to crawl from the room because he was laughing so hard.

"Well, those are breasts. Most grown-up women have them," I told her, trying not to die laughing my self. I pulled my shirt back up, but she took another peek.

"They sure are huge, Mommy."

I'm just so glad she's never done this in public. She has started saying goodbye to my belly at school every morning now. She seems to think my belly button is some sort of pre-natal intercom.


Jo Beaufoix said...

So glad you are glowing sweetie. It's fantastic to hear the heartbeat isn't it?

Miss E used my tummy as an intercom too. It's so lovely and I'm sure it must be good for them to bond with your bump.

They have to press quite hard at this stage don't they. I remember. Ouch.

Big hugs to you all.

auntie barbie said...

I used to love to hear the heartbeat. Its so amazing.
Loved the boob story. When the girls were little they would lay their head on my chest and pat my boobs. Kari once told me she liked my pillows.

bellevelma said...

Thank goodness for intercoms! I do believe babies can hear in there. When I was pg with Snags I had a song I'd listen to in the car sometimes and turn it up really loud. He would kick me hard each and every time that song came on. I played it for him recently, asked if he remembered that song, he looked at me like I was nuts. Which I guess I am. said...

That's damn funny. You will like this.
Diane, a diabetic who needs shots every day, is a old dear friend of ours. Her little boy, Robby,is three years old. One day Diane and Robby went to the local bank to transact some business. They waited in line for twenty minutes at the crowded bank. When it was their turn, Diane lifted Robbie up and sat him on ledge/counter. At the top his lungs Robbie yelled out to anyone who would listen, "Daddy gives it to Mommy in the butt." Of course he meant needles but there you have it.

Jill said...

TFYO is going to be a good big sister. It'll be awesome to see her grow into the role. Looking forward to my visit in May(ish) when the little one arrives! I think I'll fly down this time - stay in a nicer hotel than the one I stayed in last time... lol Gonna check that out now... :)

laurie said...

and it sort of is! an intercom, i mean. does she talk to the baby?

i'm glad everything is going so very well.

Mya said...

So glad all went well. I love the idea of the naval being an intercom. Beep beep! Who's there?! Wonderful.

Mya x

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Yay for everything going well, but sorry you had a bit of a stressful moment there.

Wait until you start nursing. I can only imagine what TFYO will make of that.

Jen said...

Jo I don't feel like I'm glowing, but if Nurse C says it's so...Thank you for the hugs!

auntie barbie Knowing Kari and you, I can understand why she said that *grin*

bellevelma That's funny about the music, because TFYO would kick to anything with a strong drumbeat, sometimes it felt like she was keeping time. Of course, she could have been more like "Oy! Noisy neighbours! Keep it down!"

grand view I would have died right there in the bank. Totally. They would have had to take me to the morgue right then.

Jill Let me know where you want to stay, and we'll check on it!

laurie She's actually talking to my belly more now, she keeps telling the baby "good night" now, before bed time.

RC I nursed TFYO until she was 15 months old. I'm guessing she doesn't remember. Let's hope she doesn't try to undress me in public in an effort to "help" feed the baby.

Willowtree said...

"I walked in, peed in the cup, checked my weight and BP, laid down on the table..." Except for checking my weight and BP, you just described me at the last dinner party I went to.

You had the Physician's Assistant in Training? Who does it if she's not available, the janitor?

my two cents said...

Thanks for the update. Glad everything is going well!