Sunday, September 16, 2007

100th Post

Okay, y'all. Here it is, the 100th post.

And here is the "A Snowball's Chance in..." pop quiz.

You will find all answers to these questions somewhere on this blog. You may have to hunt for some of them, but they are there.

First person to answer all of the questions correctly wins the grand prize. There will be prizes given for second and third runners up.

Please e-mail all answers to me (my e-mail is in the profile), so that others will not see your answers.

Got your Number 2 pencils all sharpened?


1. What is the title of the first post on this blog?

2. Where is Jen originally from?

3. What is the name of the phone operator from the TV show Green Acres?

4. What kind of virtual pet does Jen have and what is its name?

5. What is the first blog on Jen's blog roll?

6. What was the date of Jen's first Friday Five?

7. Who came first, Rotten Correspondent or Jo Beaufoix?

8. Which county in Georgia does Jen live in?

9. What do most of the post titles have in common?

10. What is Ray's favourite sport?

11. What animal is the most common type of roadkill in south Georgia, according to Jen?

12. What does TFYO stand for?

13. What brand of mayo is the most awesome mayonnaise known to mankind?

14. What are the names of Jen's two cats?

15. Who was the 1000th visitor to this blog?

All right, keyboards/pencils down. Your quiz is over. I hope you all did well in my little exercise in narcissism!


Willowtree said...

Sorry, I didn't read the instructions properly. Ooops! But you can delete it. (because I can't)

Jen said...

I should dock you a point for not e-mailing me those answers! Didn't your teacher ever tell you to read the directions first? E-mail me your answers, because so far no one has e-mailed me their answers yet.

Jen said...

And you had number six wrong, anyway. said...

I know all the answers but didn't think being piggish is a good idea. :-)

Jen said...

Okay, we do have a grand prize winner, who I will announce tomorrow. So far, my second and third runners up each have one question wrong on the quiz. So, anyone else who can answer all questions correctly will bump on them. You've got until 7 p.m. EDT

And I can't help but laugh at how crazy my statcounter is going. I've nver had this many pageloads in one day.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Jen I know I'm too late but I did it anyway.


Jo Beaufoix said...

Oh and come over for drinks.

You have an award.

my two cents said...

Congratulations on your 100th post!!! I love the balloons, too. I tried to complete the quiz quickly as I only just got home and was seriously running out of time. I generally study and then double check my answers, but a pop quiz on a MONDAY? Good thing you didn't go into teaching!! Anyway, it was fun.

Joy T. said...

Oh for pete's sake if it's that Willowtree who won I'm gonna take him out back and slap him! And umm...if it isn't him that won then good try to everyone who participated because as usual I came late to the party.