Sunday, September 16, 2007

No song title, because this is only half a post

Rotten Correspondent made a comment on my last post about how everyone should get Georgia Goodie Packs in honour of my 100th post.

Well, I've got a baby on the way, and I don't have that much money.

But I got to thinking....

What if I had a little "Southern Snowball" quiz and gave a really kick-ass prize to the person who got all the answers right?

All the answers could be found on this blog, and people who've been reading for a while would probably already know all the answers.

The prize would include the following:

A jar of Duke's Mayo.

A box of pralines from River Street Sweets (chocolate or regular, your choice)

A copy of the Lady and Sons first cookbook (Paula Deen, y'all)

A smattering of tour maps from around town

A sno-globe (because I love them and collect them)

A key chain

A scarf crocheted by me (or a set of coasters, whichever you prefer)

A copy of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (book, not movie)

An assortment of postcards

And (if I can find one) a little tiny Bird Girl statue.

Plus anything else I feel like tossing in there.

If the winner is from overseas and I can't ship the mayo or the pralines, I'll figure out something else to give you.

Let me know if this is a good idea for you guys. If it is, the next post will contain a quiz with instructions on how to play. I will post in the comments here about when the quiz will take place so everyone has a shot at being first.

If not, well then it will be something suitably random.


Diana said...

That sounds very fun! I'll give it a shot although I'll probably be #23 or something. With work and a series of houseguests and some other curves life has just thrown us, it will likely take me weeks to do it.

Dumdad said...

No Duke's mayo for an overseas winner? Not fair!

Jillian said...

A quiz about Georgia or about you... 'cause if it's about you, I won't get to play. I've known you too darn long. :)

Jen said...

If I'm allowed to ship a food product to France, I will. I just didn't know what the duties on that would be. And if it would arrive still edible!

And Jill, I'm sorry, but you are not allowed to participate. But you may be a question. The quiz will only cover things in this blog, so it will be about me, the family, and the south. I may make it multiple choice, just to help you out. No essays.

Mya said...

I'm always up for a quiz - I've got my heart set on those pralines!

Mya x

jillian said...

i figured as much - some best friend... lol said...

Can you be a two time winner? ;-)

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ooo I'd like to play.

Glad you're doing this tomorrow though.

My brain has left the building today.

Dad said...

I would also think that Dad, Mom, and Auntie Barbie would also be disqualified along with Jill to keep things fair?

Willowtree said...

Sounds like fun. Can I offer some advice? Aa a long time international package sender (long, long before I started blogging) the best thing to send overseas is a souvenir t-shirt. They are relatively cheap, both to buy and to send, and they won't break.

Jen said...

Okay, here's how we're going to do this.

The quiz will be posted here at 7 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time (my local time). All answers will be found in posts on this blog. To keep it fair, I'll ask that you e-mail the answers to me. The first person to answer the entire quiz correctly will win the grand prize mentioned in this post.

Also, Willowtree's advice is good. If my first place winner is overseas, I reserve the right to substitute some of the prizes if I can't ship them to the UK/France/Australia/Papua, New Guinea.

Second and third runners up will win...something. Probably a key chain or something equally small.


Quiz here tomorrow, 7 a.m. my time. Which would be: 6 a.m. Central Daylight time, 9 p.m in Canberra, 1 p.m. in Paris and 11 a.m. in London. (I think, you'll want to check that)

Good luck everyone!

Dad said...

You should check your local time since Jen missed London time by an hour. (5 hours difference) ..... and I'm not even eligible.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

I think this is a fabulous idea, Jen. And if I win, someone else can have my mayonaise, since I'm mayo challenged.

Bring it on!

bellevelma said...

Alright, let's get going already! I'm sitting here at the computer like an eager student waiting for the quiz to appear...

Actually, I'm checking on evertything I missed while I was out of town over the weekend, but this sounds like fun!

auntie barbie said...

Since I can't play will you bring me a jar of Dukes mayo the next time you visit?