Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Five

So, today is my birthday. Happy Birthday to Me! No cake, except for this one, because I'm off to the in-laws for some quiet time and mountain air. In the meantime, here is a birthday Friday Five.

Five Women with Whom I Share A Birthday

(and I look like none of them)

1. Janeane Garafalo, SNL veteran. Alright, maybe I look a little like her.

2. Brigitte Bardot (enjoy the pic, guys, she doesn't look like this anymore)

3. Janet Munro, British actress and glamour girl. I guess I look a tiny bit like her, too.

4. Mira Sorvino, Oscar winner. Meh, maybe around the eyes.

5. Dita Von Teese, burlesque performer, and now the Ex-Mrs. Marilyn Manson, so she's available guys! I look nothing like this woman. Not even a tiny bit. Oh, and don't do a GIS for Dita at work without "safe search" on, just a little tip.

Okay, that's it. Have a lovely weekend, and tell me who you all share a birthday with.


The Rotten Correspondent said...

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear jen
happy birthday to you...

It seemed like the right thing to do, being song lyrics and all.

Have a great weekend and a wonderful birthday! said...

I will sing the Bahamian birthday song for you.

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
You have a birthday, we have none,
We Sing to you. said...

Oh and my birthday is shared with:
Rob Reiner
Shaquillle O'Neal
Alan Greenspan
Cyranno de Bergerac

I look slightly like......none of them.

Willowtree said...

Happy Birthday Jen {{{hugs}}}.

I'm a big fan of Janeane Garafalo's, although I wish she'd slow down on the ink.

leendaluu said...

Happy Birthday!

Diana said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I love Janeane Garafalo. I'd love to look a little like her.

Dumdad said...

Happy birthday!

These 5 illustrious people share my birthday (10 July):

Marcel Proust
Arlo Guthrie
Jessica Simpson
Arthur Ashe
Jake LaMotta

Robot Lord of Tokyo said...

Happy birthday!

PixelPi said...

Happy Birthday...enjoy your rest and country peace!

Gurnal said...

Happy Birthday, Jen!!!

I hope you enjoyed it be being waited on hand and foot dring the day.

Here are five people who have the pleasure of sharing January 7th as a birthday with me.

actress Erin Gray (1950)
actor David Caruso (1952)
anchorwoman Katie Couric (1957)
actor Nicholas Cage (1964)

and finally...
"actor" Dustin "Screech" Diamond (1977)

Oh well...

my two cents said...

Happy Birthday!! (I'd sing, but my husband always cringes when I do, and since I like you, I'll spare you.) I share a birthday with the Budda, and Julian Lennon; April 8th. Also with the son and mother of one of my dearest friends, which is more fun for me than celebrities. Last year my birthday was on Easter, which was quite yummy!! Enjoy your weekend!

Jillian said...

Hey girl! Happy Birthday!

My five:

(August 29)

Chris Hadfield - 1959
Rebecca de Mornay - 1959
Michael Jackson - 1958
Lord Richard Attenborough - 1923
Ingrid Bergman - 1915

Those are my five (most famous anyway!)

Dad said...

I don't share my birthday with anybody. (Because it's my birthday)

The Rotten Correspondent said...

you have an award at my place...

Jen P said...

Happy birfday! It was also my hub's birthday too and he did a post similar to yours!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Happy Birthday dear sweet hilarious Jen.

Or Miss E's favourite, (which will be more appropriate next year),
Nappy burp day atchoo
Nappy burp day atchoo

(I have no idea how to spell atchoo by the way.)

And I love Janeane Garafako too. She's so pretty and a fab actress.

And my birthday twins are:

Charles Darwin
Abraham Lincoln
Anna Pavlova
Judy Blume
Annette Crosbie
Christina Ricci

Hope you have a fab day hon.

Big hugs and kisses from the Beaufoixs

Flutterbot said...

I LOVE janine Gerafalo, have you ever read the book she and Ben Stiller wrote together called "steal this book?" Its worth the $2 you will pay for it at the used book store in the clearance bin. (excuse the run-on)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YA! Happy birthday to ya.. HAAPY BIIIRTHDAY! Happy birthday to ya. Happy Birthday to ya. HAAPY BIIIRTHDAY! - imaging Stevie wonders version.


Flutterbot said...

P.S. I share with Lindsay Lohan (woo)
and Harrison Ford (at least he bagged Ally McBeal!)