Saturday, June 16, 2007

Cause and Effect

Which is the name of a tune by the UK band Random Hold. Peter Gabriel apparently once said they were one of the finest bands in Britain.

Which brings me to the word "random", and how daydreamsupercollider has tagged me to divulge eight random facts about myself. So, here goes:

1. I'm really good at remembering band names and song lyrics, which you may or may not have guessed from the various post titles on this blog.
Almost every one of them is a song lyric or a song title.

2. I've broken at least six bones in my body, including my fifth metatarsal, my patella, a couple of ribs, and a couple of fingers.

3. I got whiplash in the sixth grade while "chicken fighting".

4. I only recently learned to appreciate brussels sprouts (eat them roasted with olive oil!!)

5. I majored in archaeology, and had a double minor in history and comparative religion, all of which are very helpful in my chosen job of "radio air talent".

6. I'm terrified of large groups, yet I speak to thousands of people at any given time on the weekends.

7. I'm both scared of heights and claustrophobic.

8. I collect cheesy snow-globes, the more plastic and hideous, the

Okay, there are my eight random facts. Don't you feel better knowing them now? Since everyone I know on Blogger has already been tagged, I issue this challenge: for all of you who read this blog but don't have your own accounts, I say you need to post eight random facts about yourself in the comments section here. So, I tag: Gurnal, Jill, Auntie Barbie, and my Dad, who all read, and occasionally comment. I know I'm supposed to tag eight people, but I don't have that many friends. See number six above.


      auntie barbie said...

      Have I mentioned what a PITA you are lately?? This actually took me some time to think of, but here is my list:

      1. As much as I love meeting people and socializing, I could easily be a hermit
      2. The smell of wood being cut by a saw is an aphrodisiac for me – what can I say, I’m married to a carpenter.
      3. My favorite food is bacon, and my favorite thing to drink is Lemon-Lime Kool-Aid.
      4. My favorite song is “The Boys are Back in Town” by Thin Lizzy.
      5. A dream of mine would be to attend a cooking school in France or Italy.
      6. I can remember every detail of dreams I have, even ones from when I was a child – thank god I don’t have nightmares.
      7. I wanted to have 5 children.
      8. I recently started to collect bird figurines.

      Anonymous said...

      Ok, Miss Jen. Here's the 8 things... but you probably know most of these or have assumed them in the past 20 some odd years of knowing me.

      1) Despite having 6 cats, one dog, and one guinea pig as family members, I am allergic to most animals that have fur.

      2) I used to love New Kids On The Block. Yes, I admit it. I was a blockhead.

      3) This might be way too much information, but I didn't *ahem* until I was 24 and at that I thought... *I waited for THIS???*

      4) My absolute favourite flower of all time is a white lily. So beautifully fragrant. Favourite shrub? Gotta be the lilacs. So gorgeous.

      5) Despite singing live in front of thousands of people (much like Jen talks to them 'cept she does it over a mic) I am very, very shy. You could say I'm the heir of a shyness that is criminally vulgar. There's a song lyric for ya! 50 bucks if anyone other than Jen can name it!

      6) How about this one - I actually hate rollercoasters. The thought of being upside down on a steel track and the only thing that is keeping up in there (besides the perpetual motion) is the little itty bitty wheels on the track and a seatbelt? No thanks.

      7) Like Jen, I am quite claustrophobic. Driving through the mountains was an experience. I didn't say what kind - but it was an experience.

      8) When I was little Itook a candy bar from the store and forgot to pay for it. When I got home I felt so bad I walked all the way back and paid my 15 cents to the clerk. Yeah - that's how old I am. 15 cents for a candy bar.

      9) I can never say that I haven't had orange pop coming out my nasal cavity.

      david santos said...

      Nice work, thank you!
      Have a good weekend

      The Rotten Correspondent said...

      Jen, loved your list. I'm really getting a kick out of these. The internet is an amazing thing, isn't it? Makes everything seem so close...

      Anonymous said...

      Hi Jen :)

      My goodness! Wow, a very interesting 8 facts!

      Lol, 'whiplash in a chicken fight'
      What is a chicken fight?

      Very cute picture :D

      Anonymous said...

      auntie barbie:

      The smell of wood being cut by a saw is indeed lovely :)

      And it was incredible brave to tell the world that you like New Kids on the Block - hehehehe :)

      Anonymous said...

      oops! Sorry aunty Barbie!

      The New Kids on the Block fan, was the next person, who didn't leave a name..

      ..but to that person:

      hehehe, here's a track listing of their first album:

      1."Stop It Girl" - (Starr)
      2."Didn't I (Blow Your Mind)" - (Bell, Hart)
      3."Popsicle" - (Starr)
      4."Angel" - (Cappra, Starr)
      5."Be My Girl" - (Starr)
      6."New Kids on the Block" - (Starr, Wahlberg)
      7."Are You Down?" - (AJ, Banks, Nuri, Wahlberg)
      8."I Wanna Be Loved by You" - (Starr)
      9."Don't Give Up On Me" - (Starr)
      10."Treat Me Right" - (Starr)


      Anonymous said...

      And anonymous, the lyrics:

      "the heir of a shyness that is criminally vulgar" from The Smiths :)

      50 bucks you said?


      Jen said...

      Wow, you guys are burning up the comment section!

      Auntie Barbie: I've always been a PITA, and that's why you love me. You may not have had five kids, but you can count me as an extra, even though you're not old enough to be my mom.

      Anon.: When will you figure out how to put your name on here?? Do I have to out you myself? And I can also never say I don't know what it's like to have orange pop coming out of my nasal cavity. OW! Oh, and you owe taqdeer 50 bucks. I wonder what the excahnge rate for Canadian dollars to South African rands is right now?

      taqdeer: "chicken fighting" was this stupid thing we used to do as kids, where a smaller person would get on your shoulders, and then you'd go up against another pair of people, doing the same thing. The idea was to knock the upper person off the other person's shoulders. Unfortunately, the girl on my shoulders grabbed my chin when she fell, snapping my head back.

      RC: That's definitely a good thing about the internet, we all do seem closer!

      David: Thank you for stopping by here, and leaving a note! I like to meet the folks who come here.


      Anonymous said...

      Jen - I think that chicken fighting must be a Canadian thing. And once I figure out how the hell to get an ID on here, I will.

      Gurnal said...

      It took me a while. Here's my "gang of eight"

      1. As much as I'd like to be outgoing socially...I can't. Being an extrovert doesn't look good on me. I suppose that's why radio news is my life.

      2. In my first day in a first-grade class, a nice school counselor took me out and stuck me in a second-grade class. I never looked back.

      3. I'm a big Steely Dan fan.

      4. Given the opportunity, I could eat spaghetti every day. There must be some Italian in my blood.

      5. When it comes to women...they see me as more of a confidant than a companion. That explains my glut of free time.

      6. I'm addicted to grape-flavored popsicles. Don't ask me why.

      7. I'm resentful of recent communications majors who think think they can walk out of college and into a network job...when in all actuality...they don't know jack #@&% about broadcasting.

      8. I can beat almost anyone at ping pong. (A Chinese friend beat me 21-zip once. I played him again. Still lost...but 21-19 that time.)

      I'm sure some psychologist would put all that stuff together and say there's something seriously wrong with me. Oh well...

      Anonymous said...

      Mama Mia! All those broken bones! That's I'm sure another tale for another time Jen, eh? That was great sound like a super-interesting gal...I'm so glad to know more about you and thanks for responding to the tag! We gotta do this again!

      Saphyre Rose said...

      Count me as a friend!

      1. I own a BAR. A real 1918 SLE Browning Automatic Rifle. I bought it directly from Ohio Ordnance and when it arrived at the gun store, the owner had about 6 guys all around the counter showing off my weapon. When the guys asked me if it was a gift for my hubby, I said, "No, it is for me!" You could actually hear the gasps!

      2. My favorite song is an Side B song from Elton John, "Skyline Pigeon" pretty much summed up my teen years.

      3.I love the smell of an old auto parts store or places like Lowe's. Smells of wood, grease and tools! Working on old engines and transmissions makes me happy!

      4. People say I am a few chromosomes short of being real guy...not really, I am too smart to be a man.

      5. I played classical French Horn in high school, but I can play celtic harp and piano as well.

      6. You will never see me drink Coke. Once you have vomited coke out of your nose, I kinda lost me taste for it. (I was on chemo at the time)

      7. After my divorce, I used to have night terrors. I thought I was going insane. Turns out, it was my mind releasing fears and stress from a 8 year abusive marriage.

      8. I got a medal from Broward County Police for marksmanship after putting 3 head shots in 8 out of 10 targets. The other targets just had flesh wounds.
      Strangely I bought the gun and took the course after my divorce, hmmmm.

      There you go Jen, after reading this, even more people will be afraid of me!

      Jen said...

      I'm sure I've said this before, but you all rock the friggin' house. Every single one of you. You're all so interesting, and cool, and...I'll stop gushing now before I make someone puke.

      Gurnal, I've known you for years and never knew about the ping pong or the grape popsicles, but I love you for it.

      And Saphyre Rose, we had just met, so I wasn't sure if I should tag you or not, but I'm so glad you decided to post. You've just solidified my opinion of you as a cool and interesting human being.


      nikki said...

      Jen - Wow your list was great! A few of yours cracked me up :) I think we need more details about those broken bones. It has 'story' written ALL over it :)

      Jen said...

      Nikki, the sad thing about those broken bones, is most of them happened doing stupid things:

      My knee (patella) playing Borden Ball in gym class, 7th grade

      My foot (fifth metatarsal) ballet during a humanities class in high school.

      My ribs, during car crash, where I almost fractured my cheek bone in college.

      I'm just clumsy!

      auntie barbie said...

      ok, I have to admit this was a lot of fun. Especially reading others posts.
      Gurnal, grape popsicles ROCK! I love them because it reminds me of being a kid & eating them on hot summer days.
      And Saphyre Rose, you sound like one awesome woman. Not one I would be afraid of, but certainly respect!

      dad said...

      Ok, finally here is my list:

      1 - Over the years I have taken too many injuries. I still have a peice of bone loose in my ankle.

      2 - Some favourite foods; Guiness (yes, it's a food), many types of seafoods, eggs benedict, etc.

      3 - I miss the adrenalin rush I used to get in my work but hate the price I paid to do it.

      4 - I collect old radio shows and currently have about 8,000.

      5 - I'm fascinated by the history of technology.

      6 - I deplore sefl-imposed ignorance and greed.

      7 - I wrote a novel just because I wanted to.

      8 - I will never be able to have enough time with my wife.

      Your auntie barbie is right that you can be a PITA, but it is a long established and honourable family trait. We all have it including auntie barbie.

      Jen said...

      Thanks for the list, Dad. I knew about the radio shows, but not how many! And you're right. Everyone in the family is a bit of a PITA. Wonder where I got that from? *grin*

      dad said...

      I did forget to add that one of my favourite recordings is "Turn the Page" by Bob Seger as well as "The Planets". And..... that you got your attitude from generations of PITA's.