Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mother-in-Law, Mother-in-Law

That one's by Ernie K-Doe, from 1961, and does not describe how I feel about my MIL at all.

I'm really lucky in who I married, because I have a fantastic mother-in-law. She doesn't read this blog, so I can gush about her all I want.

When I first met Ray's parents, I was more than a bit nervous. He was wrapping up his divorce, we worked together, and I probably must have seemed like a home wrecker. I was terrified, but if Ray's mom hated me, she never let on, and it's been smooth sailing ever since.

It might be because we are similar in many ways. Neither one of us gets really uptight about house work, we're both a little sarcastic, we both like a good drink, and we both like to laugh. We also both wear the same size, which led to us inadvertently swapping a pair of jeans. She was doing a load of wash at her house, and grabbed some of our laundry (we were visiting) to put in with hers. We just happened to have the same pair of jeans in the exact same size. I'm not sure what that says about my husband...

My husbands parents are in town this week, staying on the island getting a bit of much-needed vacation, and we all went out to eat last night. We had a blast at Uncle Bubba's (brother of Paula Deen, try the char grilled oysters!), her, me and my sister-in-law all laughing and carrying on. I'm sure half the restaurant thought we were drunk, but all we'd had was tea. I swear! It just made me realize how very fortunate I am that I get along so well with my husband's family, and that I like spending time with them, and not everyone can say that about their own families, let alone their spouse's!

My MIL is also like me in that she doesn't like to be complimented to much, it embarrasses her. So, I can just say here "Thanks, Diane. You a great Nana to the four-year-old, and thank you for not calling me a hussy when I started dating your son."

May you all be blessed with a great mother-in-law.
And don't worry, I'll gripe about something tomorrow *grin*


The Rotten Correspondent said...

Fine, Jen, it's not even eight in the morning and now I am craving charred oysters. Yum! I too have a great MIL and it makes a huge difference, doesn't it? I do feel left out sometimes when my friends play the MIL from hell game, but oh well, can't have everything!

Jen said...

I'll be honest, I'm not a huge fan of oysters, but I did like them. The food was really good. We also had fried pickles as an appetizer, which isn't good for me, but I do love them. Their key lime pie is great, too. And, dammit, now I'm hungry again.

Jillian said...

Gee - whoever took that pictures did a really nice job.

Did you notice, Jen, that your elbow is in the pic?

MIL said...

Hi Jen. Taqdeer told me that you wrote about me. Thank you for the kind words, but you never mentioned how beautiful I am or the money you owe me :P

Don't worry, after this nice post you only have to give back half the money :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen :) Very nice picture to go with the post :)

You are indeed blessed to have such a MIL, but it goes both ways - I think she is blessed with a wonderful daughter in law as well :)

Jen said...

Jillian! You finally figured out how to leave your name! Golf claps to you. And yes, I am remiss in not mentioning that Jill took that lovely picture of flowers and my gorgeous elbow down by the Savannah River.

MIL: I don't owe you any money, I gave you your beautiful grandchild! That should be enough. *tee-hee*

taqdeer: I find it amusing that you've been in contact with my mother-in-law, that was sweet. But then, you always are ;-)

Jillian said...

Yes... golf claps to me. :P Seeing as I can't golf right now, I'll take the claps anyway I can get them!

Gurnal said...

Mmmm...char-grilled oysters. Must be nice to be out on the beach with family. Having been born in one of the prettiest coastal towns in America...Charleston, SC...I understand the call of the waves.

Can't say I've had the mother-in-law experience though. I must be missing out.

Jen said...

I may need to make it my personal goal in life to find you a mother-in-law, Gurnal. Some people would rather not have one, y'know? Not everyone is as lucky as me and The Rotten Correspondent!