Monday, June 25, 2007

'Cause everybody wants to hide their secrets away...

Lyric courtesy of Good Charlotte, and their song Secrets.

Yes, this is the Four-Year-Old. Don't tell her she's beautiful, she'll tell you she knows already.

Here's a tip for all of you aspiring parents out there: don't tell your child anything you don't want shouted from the rooftops. It's a lesson my husband has yet to learn, and one that my sister-in-law learned this past week while they were in town.

We were all at the condo on the beach where my in-laws were staying. The four-year-old was going to be spending the night there, giving me and the hubby some quiet time for the evening. The Four-Year-Old kept asking me for candy, since we'd all been down to River Street the previous day, and everyone loaded up on goodies from The Peanut Shop. I kept telling her no, since dinner was right around the corner. Ten minutes later, I hear this:

"Well, you see, Brandi, I was a little hungry, so you gave me a chocolate ball. It was yummy. Thank you."

The look on my sister-in-law's face was priceless.

"I didn't think she'd rat me out!" was her reply. To be honest, I should have been irritated that a member of my family countermanded a direct order from me to not let the Four-Year-Old have candy so close to dinner time. But I was secretly gleeful that our darling child had sprung her sense of honesty on another unsuspecting person.

You see, my husband still hasn't learned that the Four-Year-old can't keep quiet about anything, something that amused me to no end this past Christmas. It's why I don't take her Christmas shopping with me, because I know she'll tell everyone what they got. I was treated to this little exchange a few days before Christmas last year.

Me: "So, what did you do today?"
The Then Three-Year-Old: "Oh, we went and saw the nice lady."

Cue me thinking my husband is having an affair and dragging along our child.

Me: "What nice lady?!"
T-Y-O: "The nice lady with the silver key."
Me: "The silver key?"

At this point my darling child looks at me like I'm an idiot and says slowly and patiently: "The nice lady with the silver key that opens the glass box, Mommy. At the big store, with all of the lights and plastic people."

It finally dawned on me that she was telling me that Ray had gone to a department store and bought me something out of a jewelry case. The T-Y-O then went on to tell me it came in a nice black box, and I could wear it on my wrist, but that Daddy told her it was a secret, which apparently is code for : TELL EVERYONE!

So, don't tell your children that you've got a boil in an uncomfortable place unless you want your neighbours to know. And your child's teacher. And his or her friends. And the postman. And the dog down the street.


auntie barbie said...

LOL This is too funny!!! I can only say that what comes around, goes around. I remember a beautiful young child that would tell men that I thought they were cute, and then ask them what they thought of me.
Little bunnies have big ears and eyes.

Jen said...

For the family, please don't use The Four-Year-Old's name in comments. It's a personal quirk of mine, and one I should have made clear. Sorry about that. I know I've posted her picture, but...It's just a thing with me, okay?

taqdeer said...

awww, Jen! She is SO cute!!!

Lol, I was about to ask what is the sweet TFYO's name, when I read your comment :)

Your privacy is indeed respected :)

She is adorable :)

Saphyre Rose said...

Well, I remember my son being 4 and his cousin was 5 and we were decorating for a birthday party for my husband. My BIL was there as father of the 5 year old and he was helping me with balloons.
I wasn't quite finished with yet and I told my son to hold off Daddy until we were ready, but don't tell him what we are doing!
Usually my hubby would scoop up my son and go off with him to his bedroom to play for a bit before dinner.
I actually saw a silent remark pass between the boys, that said "Who is going to tell him first?"
So into the kitchen my son runs screaming, "No Daddy don't come in! Mommy and Uncle Scott is blowing something for you!"

It was a Kodak moment on my BIL's face.

Gurnal said...

Not keeping secrets, huh? Does that mean that (some of the) people who work at radio stations (especially sales) have the mentality of four-year-olds?

That's right. I said it.

Of course...that was not meant of insult your lovely little one. She's more intelligent than most people I know.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

I don't know what it is, but I too print pictures of my kids but don't use their names. It's a crazy world out there is the best answer I can come up with. And don't you just love kid honesty? There are quite a few places in town I can't show my face anymore.Too Much Information!

nikki said...

Oh that is the cutest story and cutest picture! Kids are priceless. =)

Jen said...

Saphyre Rose, that story is hilarious! It's just one of those situations where laughing really is the only option.

Gurnal, I've known some of those sales people. My child is certainly more intelligent, and has much more integrity.

And Hi, NIkki! Thanks for stopping by again!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Hi Jen

You came to visit me so I thought I'd pop and see you.

This post made me laugh so much.

When my older child, E (now aged 6) first started Nursery at 3 years old, I stayed with her a few times to settle her in.

On her second day she sat colouring next to another child, who proudly announced to me that she had drawn a picture of her daddy, in her mummy's bra!

Say no more...