Friday, June 15, 2007

Golf Cart Love

Which really is the title of an instrumental by Lyle Lovett, from the movie Dr. T and The Women. Cruddy movie, good soundtrack.

Anyway, golf carts. We don't have a lot of golf courses here in Effingham County. To be sure, there's tons of them around Savannah proper, but not many out here in the boondocks. But we do have a lot of golf carts. Everywhere I go, I see them parked in front of peoples houses, or see them trundling down winding drives, or cruising down the shoulder of our quaint country lanes. For the longest time I couldn't figure it out. We don't exactly live in a resort area. What the hell are all these people who live in trailers, and have giant stables for their horses, doing toodling around in golf carts?

The answer: getting their mail, and checking their fence lines.

Really, it's kind of brilliant, if you think about it. If you lived at the end of a half mile long drive way, you wouldn't want to walk that every day to get the post, either. It's also a great alternative to using an ATV or your lawn tractor to scope out a property that's bigger than a couple of acres. Most of the people that own them are older, or just don't like the idea of gassing up a vehicle for a quick trip to grab the mail, check on the livestock, or run over to the neighbouring farm to borrow some sorghum. After all, most of these little babies are battery powered, and you can just plug them in to recharge.

When we finally run out of oil, these folks may be the only people left with transportation. I foresee a future not unlike Mad Max, but instead of semi-trucks and motorcycles, rural people will be battling it out with tricked out golf carts instead. Can you imagine vicious golf cart gangs, roving the dilapidated country highways of south Georgia, hijacking generator power to charge their carts? The battle scenes could be spectacular.

Hmmm. Maybe it's time to start scoping out cart dealers now.


Anonymous said...

You brought up MadMax...I'm a fan of Mel Gibson's films. BTW, you've been tagged by me for a reveal 8 random things about yourself game...hope you join in Jen!

ذو النون المصري said...

iam from egypt
and i see your comment at sharm life
sorry because i don not understand english good
good bye

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen :)
hehehe, those golf carts are FUN!

I wouldn't mind having one and going for picnics in it!

Accept DdSc's tag, hehehe, but insist that she spills 8 beans first :D


The Rotten Correspondent said...

Hello, fellow tag-ee! This is what I love about the whole blog thing - the chance to discover such a fun read through a mutual blog friend. Thanks daydreamsupercollider! These golf carts always make me think of the days I worked at a film studio and drove them all over the lot because I was too lazy to walk. Although now they would come in handy to chase my kids...