Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I've got Cash and Prizes...

Well, not cash. Thanks to Del Amitri (you know, the guys who did Roll to Me) for the lyric.

I am awash in awards again. I'm not really sure how or why this keeps happening.

But apparently, Bellevelma over at Running with Books seems to think I'm worthy of a few more.

I have received, again, a:

and a

Thank you, Belle!

Most of you who read here are probably familiar with Bellevelma, as she comments here a bit. If you haven't taken the time to go see her, do it now. Only, bring some pain killers with you, because they are necessary to take the edge off the laugh cramp you get while reading. Shots of alcohol or a nice bottle of Shiraz also do the trick.

I would like to note that this is the third Thoughtful Blogger Award and the second Creative Blogger Award I've received in recent weeks.

If this continues, I will have to take Belle's advice, and resort to a system of hash marks in the side bar. I'll have to cut and past these together, somehow.

I'll redistribute these in a couple of days, once my brain has settled a bit. Things will be a bit hectic the next few days, but I have reason to believe my weekend hours may be cut back a bit soon. Not that I want that, but we've hired another part-timer, and hours were scarce to begin with.


Dad said...

Oh the trials of being good at what you do!

The Rotten Correspondent said...

You understand, don't you, that you completely deserve every award you get?

I think dad nailed it!

Dumdad said...

Ah, we all love being appreciated and your blog deserves it.

I enjoy getting these awards but I'm waiting for someone to say "You've won Brilliant Blogger Award (or something similar), here's the badge to put on your blog and enclosed is a cheque for $50,000."

Now that, I'd appreciate!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Yay, well done.

More bloggy bling for your fab site.

Dad and RC are completely right sweetie.

And Dumdad's idea is great.
We should all get prize money and holidays.

www.thegrandview.wordpress.com said...

The awards are well deserved, congrats. AND love that Del Amitri song!!!

Jen said...

Aw, well, thanks y'all for the nice comments. Sorry I've been a bit absent lately, working more hours has made it tough to check back and comment.

I agree that someone, somewhere should set up a fund to give bloggers cash prizes to reward their good work. Although, I have a feeling it would be more like "Hey you've won an award, and here's five bucks!"

Dad said...

Not quite five bucks. More like a five-dollar gift certificate for Wal-Mart.