Wednesday, August 1, 2007

You can leave your hat on

I think I've scarred my child for life. Or maybe I've scarred a cat for life. Or maybe I've just scarred me for life.

I've been getting up fairly early each morning, in order to be up before TFYO so I can get a shower. Occasionally she gets up while I'm in the shower, but then she usually stays in her room with the door open, so no problem.

Yesterday was different.

I took my shower as normal, but when I was done I heard the cat meowing at the bathroom door (we have our own bathroom in the master bedroom), so, wrapped in a towel I opened the door just to make sure the cat was okay. I took a quick look around to see if TFYO was up yet. I didn't hear her, and looking down the hall, her bedroom door was still closed. Ah, peace, solitude and privacy. I took off my towel and tossed it in the basket at the foot of my bed.

It was at that moment I realized she was laying IN my bed, not saying a word, but looking at me with very big eyes. I yelled something like "GAAAAAAAAAAAH!" and almost decapitated the cat while slamming the bathroom door shut. TFYO at the same moment yelled "MOOOOMMMEEEE!" and pulled the covers over her head. Oh, Zoe is fine, by the way, she's much quicker and smarter than I am.

I peeked through a crack in the bathroom door and yelled at my child "Could you at least knock or something when you come in to let me know you're there?" I closed the door and started putting my clothes on, because thankfully I'd had the foresight to at least bring those into the bathroom with me.

A few minutes later there was a tiny knock on the bathroom door.

"Mommy, I'm here in your room. The cats and I want you to put your clothes back on now, okay?"


Flutterbot said...

Laugh out loud funny!.. hehe your wit charms me..


Mike said...

Very very funny, I thought I was scarred for life also but I am ok. ;-)

mjd said...

I am smiling. Zoe must be a darling.

Jen said...

Mike Glad to know you're okay. As a disclaimer, I'm not liable for any therapy costs anyone needs because of visuals generated by this post.

mjd Yeah, Zoe the cat is adorable. She's become The Four Year Old's buddy very quickly. Which would explain why she was meowing at the door, come to think of it.

flutterbot Good to see you back here! Nice to know I'm so charming LOL

Dumdad said...

Ho, ho.

Maybe that's the image to put on your radio web site (with towel, of course)!

Dad said...

And in the background you can hear your parents laughing..... as the mothers curse comes to pass.

JRH said...

Ha! Funny and thought provoking. Growing up I was never allowed to see my mother...ah...that way, but lela (my first, late wife and mother of my offspring) saw nothing wrong with it at all and paraded around naked unashamed in front of my kids. Scarred? I dunno. Maybe I'll ask them sometime.

Saphyre Rose said...

Well, being a Pagan, I have no problem with nudity.
Women should be proud of who they are and not what they "should" be.
I think your daughter should be taught that a woman's body is a beautiful thing no matter what age, color or size.

I really think that our prudishness begins young. With the prudishness comes shamed thoughts.

There is nothing to be ashamed of, you and your daughter are beautiful!

Of course, the cat may have some issues. Oh wait, cats are always nekkid and they wash their nether regions in public, never mind.

Jen said...

Okay, before everyone starts thinking I'm a prude...I think it may have been just the shock of seeing a pair of human eyes staring back at me from my bed in my imagined moment of peace and privacy. Admittedly, I'm not very comfortable with my body, I've had issues for a long time, so I prefer my nudity in private. That's just me. I'm not judgemental when it comes to other people's bodies, just my own. TFYO has no problem with her body for sure, as her frequent exhibitions around the house demonstrate!

Hmmm, I think this might turn into a post...and maybe a poll.

willowtree said...

You have no idea how much I empathise with TFYO! I've lost count of the number of times I've caused that reaction, even from people I know!

Poetess said...


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