Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What a lovely way of sayin' how much you love me...

With thanks to Paul Anka.

So, I've been feeling rather under the weather for the past two weeks. Nauseous, exhausted, a little achy. Now I know why.

It seems we are pregnant.

Yes, Auntie Barbie was more prescient than she knew with her smart ass comment last week.

After two weeks of snacking on dry saltines and downing copious amounts of flat ginger ale, I got the brilliant idea to buy one of those early pregnancy tests. It took less than thirty seconds for that little pink second line to show up. It was faint, but it was there.

Ray walked in the door, and I pounced.

"I have something I need to show you."

His response?

"Aw, crap. Did the cat poop on the carpet again?"


"Cool! You mean she pooped in the box?!"

"That's not what I'm going to show you. Can we stop talking about cat poop for a minute?"

I led him back to the bathroom, and he squinted at the stick uncertainly.

"It's awfully faint, isn't it?"

"Would you like me to test again in a couple of days?"

The we stared at each other for a few minutes as the situation sunk in. This happened embarrassingly quick. We went from talking about it, to being pregnant in a matter of, well, weeks. Almost like taking a Polaroid picture, but without the shaking, thankfully. I tested again over the weekend, and we got a bright pink line in less than ten seconds. We are definitely pregnant, and with very little effort. To add to the fun, there's a woman I regularly fill-in for at work, who will be going on maternity leave in March. I guess I won't be filling in for her while she's gone, as I'll likely be having a baby sometime around the end of April, beginning of May.

So, I get to have an ultrasound for my birthday next month. We're already trying to figure out how to rearrange the furniture in the spare bedroom, and where to put the audio recording equipment. I swear, my garage is never going to be used to ever hold a car at the rate we're going.

We're still trying to figure out how to explain this to TFYO. We may wait for an in-depth discussion until I have pictures from the ultrasound. That will either make it easier or more confusing for her. Or for me. One of those.

I may start a second blog, so that this doesn't become bogged down with details of my pregnancy. I mean, how many of you really want to hear how I deal with morning sickness the second time around?


my two cents said...

Seems the benefit of not getting to blog until after mid-night your time is that I get to be the first to say, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

I'll be reading the second blog if you start it, and won't mind a bit if this blogs gets full of pregnancy details.

Now all we have to do is figure out how exactly one hosts a blog-baby shower.

Hope the morning sickness doesn't get too bad, and again, CONGRATULATIONS!!

bellevelma said...

Congratulations! I was going to suggest you might be pregnant but I didn't want to get that personal ;)

Here's wishing you an easy pregnancy and all that good stuff!

Auntie Jill (x2) said...

I'm just glad that I found out yesterday - instead of having to read it on the blog! I'm with MTC and I'm all into reading about how sick my future niece or nephew makes you... lol

I just don't need GRAPHIC details - but the funny stories about the morning news and station breaks are quite amusing.

BTW - in regards to a blog baby shower - I suggest babies r us online. THat'd be cool. However you know you'll get your prezzie when I come to see the new little bundle. :)

The Rotten Correspondent said...

WOO-HOO!!! I started thinking about it when auntie barbie brought it up last week, but like bellevelma didn't really want to mention it.

WOO-HOO!! You don't need a second blog. We want to hear all about it right here. Honest. You can be as gross as you want.*snicker* Just leave out the conception bit, okay?

I am so happy for you and your family and hope your stomach settles down soon.

code - lcxchg - let's change? (some diapers?)

Willowtree said...

Hey that's great news! If I didn't know better I'd think you were trailer trash - Talk about quick and unexpected! Those people seem to get pregnant just sitting on toilet seats!

www.thegrandview.wordpress.com said...

Well how about that! Congratulations. Seems you did take time out from blogging for some snogging. Good trade.

Jen said...


my two cents Thank you! Since we'vebeen having modem issues (mostly in the morning!) I decided to post last night before bed to spare my blood pressure. Maybe the modem is having morning sickness!

bellevelma I appreciate your discretion *grin* My family, well some of them, don't have much. And thank you for your well wishes. Half the people I work with have been asking me for two weeks if I was. And I'm only one month along!

auntie jill x2 I promise, I'll tell some stories from the last pregnancy, because they were kind of amusing. Morning drive radio + clockwork morning sickness=entertainment, I'm sure.

RCWell, I'm happy to have a nurse on hand. LOL I'll try not to be too gross. As far as conception...both of my pregnancies only took one time. That's TMI, but astounding, nonetheless.

So, willowtree I think you may be right. I'm going to advise everyone I work with to stay off of toilets seats just in case. A coworker who was helping me track down an OBGYN yesterday wisely suggested I try keeping an aspirin between my knees from now on. *grin*

Mike You know, I'd write out the whole name of your blog, but I'm lazy. It's easier just call you by name. "Trading blogging for snogging"? Oh, I may have to steal that one, dear. And yes, I agree, it was a good trade.

Poetess said...

Congratulations Jen.

Wonderful News. I'm really
pleased for you.

Loved the UTube clip.

I have just discovered U tube this weekend. I'm a day dreamer and although i knew of its existence, I didn't know what was available on there. Wow its fantastic. I grew up with 50's and 60's music curtesy of Dad. I have always said i was "born to late" as I would have loved to see all the groups. Searchers, Beach boys, Mamas and Papas to name a few. Well i have spent the weekend looking at original footage of those and more. Sang like a budgie, until my throat hurt.

I know I am way behind every one else, and I'm so pleased I have caught up.

Loved Paul Anka. Hey Paula in particular.

Sorry I've chatted to you so long you probs ready for the loo dash. Oh its all coming back. hope your pregnancy goes well.


Anonymous said...

Well, hey, congratulations! (Or am I supposed to say "best wishes" - no, I think that's a wedding thing). Anyway, it's fantastic news, and I agree with the rest - pregnancy details here would be a-okay.

leendaluu said...


Dumdad said...

Blimey and crikey and I say, what! Well done! Congratulations!

Jo Beaufoix said...

I knew it.
I'm so excited
I'll go and read the rest of your post now.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Phew, right, Hooray again.

I think we all kind of guessed what with the 'maybe we should have a baby discussion' a little while back and the dicky tummy.
Aren't we all polite and discreet!

Miss E was nearly 4 when I got pregnant with M.
We didn't tell her till we passed 12 weeks and had our first scan to show her.

I'll read the other blog if you do one hon but I can't see anyone not being happy about it all being on here.

It will be such a big part of your life that I can't see how it won't creep in anyway.

There are loads of good kids books about these things now that might be good for TFYO.

I'll see if I can search any out and pass the names on to you if you like.

Love you loads.

Wow, our first blog baby.

joukhf - Did you cough?

Jen said...

Wow, you guys, I should get pregnant more often. It's good for blog traffic!

Poetess Thanks for the good wishes. I confess, I'm not much of a Paul Anka fan. I initially thought of the song because of a bit done on a show called WKRP. I'll try to find a clip of it for you.

jrhThank you for the congrats. I'd take a best wishes, too. *grin*

leeandaluu Thanks for dropping by, and for the congrats. I'll definitely need that "house guest contract" now!

dumdadThank you! And as far as well done...I'll pass that along to my husband ;-)

Jo...everyone knew but me. What a smart bunch y'all are. How dumb am I that I didn't clue in after the first week of wanting to crawl under the covers and not move? LOL And thanks for the encouragement to just keep the preggers stuff here. I think you're right that it would creep in one way or another *tee-hee*

Thanks, all of you!

ciara said...

congrats! we all have our pregnancy stories...we can swap :) i have 3 kids myself. there's a 10 yr age difference bt my 1st n 2nd one...he handled having a little sister quite well. my 1st daughter was 15 months old when i got pregnant with my 2nd daughter...she has loved her sister from the time she knew about her. they are actually quite close even tho they fight a lot. lol now my x is having a new baby w his current gf and the oldest is NOT too thrilled with that. she says that she doesn't want a baby brother (cuz she has enough...3 to be exact..2 half 1 step) and she already has a baby sister who is a pain already lol my kids now are 20, almost 11 and almost 9) i'm sure your daughter will be fine w finding out about a new brother/sister. :)