Monday, August 13, 2007

What you gonna do in those shoes?

My little girl is off to school today. And I am off to my first full day as production assistant at the cluster of stations where the husband and I work. Yes, they've added to my duties.

TFYO is going to be learning some social skills, I'm sure, like how to sit in a circle without immediately jumping into a game of "Duck, Duck, Goose", and how to share. Being an only child right now, sharing is something that she's still having trouble with.

I'm also going to be learning some social skills. For example, how not to kill a salesperson who insists that I can squeeze sixty seconds of copy into a thirty second spot. Or how to be gracious when someone puts a production order on my desk five minutes before I'm supposed to leave, and then insists it has to air by 10 a.m. the next morning.

TFYO has new clothes, a brand new backpack for her school things, and a fabulous outlook on what her new school life will be.

I bought a new pair of red tennis shoes, and received a whole barrel of anxiety to tote along with me to work this morning. You see, the production director is out of town through Wednesday this week. That means, I'm in charge. I've spent less than three days with this new order processing software. And now I'm responsible for it. The commercial production I can do in my sleep. I just didn't realize I'd have to schedule the orders, too.

And of course, I've got the "weepy mom" business of sending my only child off to "big kid" school for the very first time. I worry that she won't make friends (that was something I was never good at), I worry that she'll be bored by sitting in a circle reciting the days of the week (which she already knows) and I worry I'm going to be getting a phone call round about noon-ish informing me my child refuses to eat, but is taking great delight in draping banana peels on her classmates heads.

I think there's only one cure for this. More red shoes.


bellevelma said...

How much kleenex are you going thru with weepy mom syndrome? I need to know because Snags starts Kindergarten in 2 weeks. I cannot believe it!

Retail therapy. I think I might need to do some of that myself. Some advance retail therapy...

Swing by my place if you haven't already. You've got some awards.

Jillian said...

Jen - if you're going shoe shopping, remember your sixe 9 friend up north! :)

I have a little shoe fettish - lol

Glad to hear she's so excited about school... let me know how her first day went - and yours too!

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Something about the first day of school tears me up every time, but the very first one was especially kleenex worthy. It honest to god IS harder on you than it is TFYO - she'll be just fine. (I have an incoming 10th grader and I've just recently gotten this sense of perspective).

Relax about school. Start worrying about which salesperson you're going to punch out first.

Sam said...

You are such a cry baby, you know that? You should be full of tears after all the crap you'll have gone through after a full day at the office. Trust me.

As for me, I'm beat down and tired, but I'm okay. Get my number from the wall and give me a buzz when you can so you can let me know how wacky it is there.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ahh it's such a big thing for us as well as them.

I'm sure TFYO will be fine.

With her sense of humour and personality there is just no way she won't make friends.

And her mummy will do just fine too.

As for your new role, I agree with RC. Don't take any you know what .

You'll be fab.

willowtree said...

I'm a little concerned that you are taking on too much. A full-time workload while at the same time worrying about a child starting school may just prove unmanageable.

I think you should consider putting TFYO up for adoption, that way you would have one less distraction. Yep, that sounds like a plan. You don't think that sounds a bit too drastic do you?

Jen said...

Actually, WT a better idea would be to put ME up for adoption?

I'm feeling a little kicked around at work, so if someone would like to adopt me for a while so I don't have to work, that would be awesome!

Dad said...

I always told you to rent first to see how you liked it. But no, you just had to go out and get one of your own...... but then your mother and I did the same thing!

mjd said...

I love, love red shoes. There is a ballet about red shoes. As I remember the story, the shoes made a young girl dance, and she could not stop.

I empathize about your first day of school. I remember not only sending our two sons off to school, but I sent many of the neighborhood children to their first day of kindergarten as their parents worked. (sigh)