Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Spin the Wheel...

Lyric courtesy of Mad Caddies and their song Game Show.

As promised, another award show! Gotta keep 'em movin'!

A little while ago, Rotten Correspondent gave me this:

Isn't it cool? I can be awesome even though I'm not a dude. Someone else who is awesome, and also not a dude is:

Bellevelma at Running with Books.

I've made no secret of the fact that she makes me laugh until I cry, but sometimes, she also just makes me cry with how much she loves her son. Which is awesome, even if it means I'm running through Kleenex at a rate that would make a pine forest shudder. So, Bellevelma you are an:

The lovely Jo, over at Jo Beaufoix, gave me this:

I don't know if she had dengue fever or what, but I appreciate it nonetheless. It's always nice when someone else thinks you're nice. And I can't think of anyone nicer than:

He's gotten an award from me before, but he really is just so gosh darn nice that he really deserves this. Even if it's not in manly-man colours. jrh has never been shy about talking about his faith, but he's also cool enough not to jump on anyone who might disagree. He's always struck me as someone who would have made a great teacher. And he's definitely nice, in a good guy kind of way.

So, to one of the nicest guys I know in blogdom, I bequeath this:

Okay, that's it. Short post (although I made it longer by doubling up the pics. Nice, eh?) . It's my day off and I need to mow the lawn before it rains again. See y'all back here tomorrow with a nice story about me meeting my in-laws for the first time.


bellevelma said...

Thank you, Jen!

And did you um, know that you can use pregnancy to your advantage? Just say this to your husband:
"Oh, honey, I'm sorry but I really shouldn't be mowing the lawn in my condition in this heat. The doctor said I needed to eat this pint of Ben and Jerry's for the baby because it's got calcium and it's cold so it will combat this summer heat. So I'll be over here doing that while YOU mow the lawn, okay? Oh, and can you be quick about it because after I eat this I have to take a nap and the mower is kind of loud..."

Anyway, just thought I'd throw that out there for you since you were so nice to think of me and give me an award.

Thanks again!

Jen said...

Y'know belle, normally I'd be all for that little bit of mischief, but he's got a bad grass allergy. So, he could mow the lawn, then I'd have to sleep in the same bed with a man snuffling, and wheezing all night. I'll spare me, uh, him the sorrow. LOL

bellevema said...

I understand. I had the worst grass allergy all thru my teens and into adulthood. Then miraculously, they eased off after I had Snags. Which I guess is good, since my husband can't be trusted with a mower.

Mya said...

Hey Jen! Sorry it's a bit late, but,
FELICITATIONS to you and Ray! That's brilliant news (you being preggers!) Well done to you both.

Mya x

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Do you have medical verification that Ray really is allergic to grass or is he just putting you on? Sounds like something I'd doublecheck if it were me.

I'm just sayin'...

code - tnfvjc - not a clue in the world

Jo Beaufoix said...


I agree with Bellevelm and RC.

Has he tried a peg and some goggles?

(If he does, take a picture. We need to see that.)

ulujg - you, loo, jug - could be linked to all the urine samples you're going to be giving for the next 9 months??

Jen said...

He actually really is allergic, and it's a fair trade, because he cleans the kitchen. I hate doing dishes more than anything. But I love working in the garden, so, it's okay. He usually can't mow the lawn without taking a Claritin first. We can't even have a live Christmas tree, because he gets puffy just being around them. He'll have to mow come April. I'll just be too damn big by then.

JRH said...

Wow, now isn't that nice!! Sorry it took me so long to get here, but I'm pleased as punch that you thought of me. And I don't mind the colors one whit - I look good in pink...or so Mrs. Me tells me, at least.